Character Details - Ith'il Ieunfunaqtaq

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Physical Description:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Outgoing, gregarious, curious, intelligent, and often into trouble of one sort or another
*Occupation: Nexus Warden
*Skills and Abilities: Telepathic, singing, musician(quad-pipes), magic, Zurhym’taar maker/shaper, Nexus Warden, defensive fighting, aerial combat, low- and high- G adaptation
*Weapons Used: Psionics, magic, claws, tail, horns, and teeth; Zurhym’taar-bladed weapons, phase disruptor, shaped charge explosives

Background Information:
*History: See below
*Marital Status: N/A
*Children: N/A
*Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A


Ith’il is the youngest child of male S’uakendatha, Voice of the Inia’ku Tribe, Clan Ik’niq; and female Kei’kekelo, Gatekeeper of the Fourth Silver Chaos, Haa’tegg Tribe, Clan Iga’laaq.

Ith’il is a trei (both male and female), Haa’tegg Tribe by birth, Clan Ik’niqIga’laaq; born a Nexus Warden.

Ith’il hatched, even as his egg-mother died defending the Gate. He attuned to the opened Nexus as he was tossed through the Gate to safety by his father, making him one of the rare Nexus Wardens. Thus Ith’il is being raised by a very busy single father, and gets into everything. Ith’il is called Ieunfunaqtuq, which roughly translates as "naughty person", because he is always in trouble of some sort.

Part of the reason Ith’il is so troublesome is because he spends so much of his time unsupervised. S’uakendatha, Ith’il’s loving father, is kept very busy by his duties to both Tribe and Clan, leaving him little time to watch over and raise his wayward child. Still, he tries to be more than just a disciplinarian, making time when he can to be part of Ith’il’s life, encouraging his child to master innate abilities that may one day insure the safety of their people, while still enjoying life as children should.

One of Ith’il’s innate abilities that has been most difficult to master has been controlling the powers of the Nexus. To do so, Ith’il must first master himself, by learning the self-control of an adult. He has yet to manage this, making any attempts at controlling the Nexus dangerously random. As the Nexus is a connection to a different plane of existence created where two or more ley-lines intersect, losing control of an open one could lead to unpredictable outcomes. Unlike the Gatekeepers of the Graehrzhyn, a Nexus Warden doesn’t simply open and close the Nexus. Nexus Wardens tap into the powers of the Nexus itself, drawing from the life energies of entire planes to alter or even create new connections, realities, beings, or objects. In the hands of a properly trained Nexus Warden, any Nexus could become a powerful conduit, permanently linking two or more planes as a bridge, crossing the planar divides and withstanding the chaos storms. Alternately, any Nexus could also be closed forever, the connection severed, the intersecting ley-lines themselves shifted so they no longer intersect, making reaching the previously linked plane all but impossible. This ability is rare among the Graehrzhyn, and children born with it are held in high regard - but because of the potential dangers, such children must also learn discipline at a very early age.

Like many young children, Ith’il is curious and outgoing, exploring and finding his way into things often better left alone. He has a tendency to collect interesting objects, tucking them into a pouch for examination later. Thus he has countless varieties of seeds, seed pods, brightly colored gems and pebbles, oddly shaped bits of Zurhym’taar, buttons, and random metal coins from several alien races, along with odd lengths of color-coded wire, string, and nubs of colored glass. Ith’il’s favored item is a plush Graehrzhyn doll, dressed as an adult and capable of holding many life-like poses. He also carries a small quad-pipe set - a type of musical wind instrument he plays, and a small container of salve for his growing horn nubbins.

Ith’il was among the first Graehrzhyn to encounter the downed scout crew from the UT(United Terrans); and given his size, they first thought Ith’il was an adult. When Ith’il brought his father to meet the scout crew, they were very surprised indeed, finding themselves dwarfed by Graehrzhyn adults. This encounter set the stage for many future adventures, opening up entirely new, alien vistas for further exploration by a curious child. He learned much from the encounter.

Having learned to create and shape Zurhym’taar, the material basis for all Graehrzhyn technology and their key export offworld, Ith’il is rapidly becoming a useful - though mischievous - member of society. He has progressed, mastering many necessary skills, and shows great promise - if he can ever master the self-discipline required of a Nexus Warden.


Graehrzhyn are warm-blooded, egg-laying, non-mammalian marsupials, with three sexes: male, female, and trei(both). All three sexes possess the marsupial pouch. They have four lungs, two six-chambered hearts, two larynxes, blue-green (copper-based) blood, and are capable of rapid regeneration from injuries. Typical adults stand eleven feet tall - six feet of that is actually leg length - with accordion-folded flesh wings (wingspan total tip to tip approximately 40 feet), an eleven foot long whip-like tail ending in five small grasping tentacles. Massive wing muscles are anchored to the dorsal fin, which sprouts downward-pointing spines along its entire length, with spines running down one third of the tail’s length as well. Their legs possess an "extra" joint - where a human’s leg would have the ankle and foot, the Graehrzhyn instead have an "elbow" bearing a fighting spur (trei-sex fighting spurs are envenomed) and "forearm" ending in a large four-digited hand with small, sharp claws. Their torsos, arms, and heads are relatively humanoid, with their hands having four digits each, ending in small, sharp, claws like on the feet. Graehrzhyn have small, pointed ears peeking out from the curling ram-like horns that flank their heads. Above each eye grows a small, curving bull-like horn, to either side of a singular diamond-shaped upswept horn. Three tiny horns adorn each eye ridge, and additional spines outline the jaw, with a pair of small downward- pointing curved chin-spikes lengthening the face. The two eyes are large, slightly angled almond-shaped pools typically of one of the following colors: amber, blue-green, lavender, silver, or black. Narrow noses perch above small-looking mouths forming expressive, alert faces. Graehrzhyn typically have long, shaggy manes that flow down their backs, in colors that vary wildly from individual to individual. Covered entirely in dense coats of short, soft, fine velvet-like fur in colors that reflect clan habitat of origin, their wing undersides are studded with gem-like growths and patches of bright, contrasting colors in wildly variant patterns. They are immune to damage from fire, cold, electrical, and acid; and their skin deflects blades and missile weapons. Graehrzhyn are omnivores, preferring meats, fruits, nuts, and insects. The drifting clouds of nitrous oxide seem to have no effect on them. Graehrzhyn are telepathic, although they also have a vocal and written language.

Graehrzhyn of all three sexes tend to wear colorful, ornately decorated breechcloths. A clan’s overall fur coloration reflects their habitat of origin: splotchy greens for tropical forest, greens and tans for coastal plains, greys and greens for mountains, etc.; with blue-greens for oceanic clans. Initial growth rate of post-hatching Graehrzhyn is phenomenally rapid - growing from a hatchling only eight inches tall to approximately four feet tall in under a TERRAN year. Growth then slows to only two more feet in approximately two to three more TERRAN years. Thereafter, growth slows dramatically, with Graehrzhyn finally attaining their adult height of eleven feet tall by their 1,000th TERRAN year.(Recall that HarrUmb’loe has a year of 1,095 days, each 72 hours long.) Graehrzhyn horns begin sprouting between their 3rd and 5th TERRAN year, itching horribly as they grow in. It is generally presumed that Graehrzhyn age at approximately 1/6th the rate of humans (6 Terran years to one Graehrzhyn year). However, it is unknown at what age Graehrzhyn become sexually mature, nor is it known how long their life spans may be.

The sung language of the Graehrzhyn has yet to be accurately translated; in part because of their double larynxes and inherent clan and tribal variations. It is known that the names they use for themselves among offworlders are not translations of their actual names, but more likely a series of pleasing sounds pronounceable by alien vocals. Their written language is very complex, with syntax and grammar dependant on the context. Even a variation in ink color can alter the meaning or emphasis of a symbol, completely throwing off attempts at translation.

*Name: Ith’il Ieunfunaqtaq
Meaning of Name: Ith’il the naughty
*Race: Graehrzhyn (see below)
*Age: less than 1 HaarUmb’loe year (6 Terran years = 1 HaarUmb’loe year)
Apparent Age (if different): Uncertain - perhaps 3 to 5 Terran years
*Height: approximately 2 meters
*Build/Weight: Slight build, long legged, weighing approximately 76 kg under 1G. Winged.
*Hair: Long, shaggy mane, generally clean but unkempt; bright blue-purple
*Eyes: Large, slightly angled almond-shaped; black
Complexion: Overall covering of soft, fine, velvet-like fur; splotches of red-oranges and lavender blue-greens
*Identifying Marks (if present): Pattern of neon yellow and green patches on wing undersides; bright gem-like nodes studding underside of wings along wingbones and supports
Clothing: Golden tan breechcloth with blue-green embroidery work trimmed in orange crystals
Personal Items usually carried: Pouch holding various gems, seeds, and metal coins; small plush poseable doll; quad-pipes; Zurhym’taar container of scented salve
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