Character Details - Nendil Alcarin

Written by Justin RainCreated : 24-Jan-2007 12:47:13 pm
Last Edited : 24-Jan-2007 12:51:30 pm

 Basic Characteristics
Height: 3'0
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Icy Blue
Age: 4
Distinguishing marks:  pixie wings

Jewelry:  n/a

Children: n/a

Smell;  roses/forest/beach

Soul Color:  rainbow colored with gold and emerald green sparkles

Family;  Nendil is the four year old twin to Cullieven,  and half brother to Galen.  his parents are Catherine and Glory Alcarin.  This means he is 1/4  Alcarin 1/4 D'riel 1/4 pixie 1/4 garden elf.   His genes are all mixed up.   ;)

History;  Nendil was born at the beginning of Scorched Earth along with his brother.  He spent his beginning months very sick as a result.  And also as a result he is not able to procreate due to his D'riel genes.  He is a mischieveous four year old who is rarely seen without his twin.  He likes to shoot bows (with rubber tips) eat cookies, and bother his older brother.  He is just a child so has very little history. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jesse McCartney
Jimmy Pinchak