Character Details - Mhaire Tanagar

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Name: Mhaire Tanagar
Race: Corinian Human
Age: 65
*Height: 5'8"
Build/Weight: Slim and wiry
Hair: Dark blonde, slightly wavy, long
Eyes: Dark blue
Complexion: Pale
Family: Widow of Iaon Tanagar, mother of Kennet (deceased) and Deren. Lives with Deren in Castle Tanagar

Mhaire was born a commoner, but her iron beauty and strength of will attracted the attention of the local lord, Iaon Tanagar, and by twenty she was the Lady of Castle Tanagar. She had no great affection for Iaon, finding him unimaginative and dull, but she was a good and faithful wife.

She had two sons: Kennet not long after her marriage, and Deren nearly ten years later. Kennet, being the obligatory heir, she handed over to his father and had very little to do with. He was part of the job she did, necessary to secure her position. Kennet was exactly the sort of son Iaon wanted, a noble, dull warrior. Deren, on the other hand, was Mhaire's child. Iaon showed no interest in him, and he became his mother's protegé, the only person to whom she showed her true face. She taught him how to fight her way, by subtle manipulation.

Mhaire is highly intelligent and completely amoral. There is nothing she will not consider doing if it should prove to be to her personal advantage. She can be very charming and delightful, witty company, but in private and with her son, she is cold and sometimes vicious.

She was personally involved in arranging the 'unfortunate accident' during the seige of Corin which killed her oldest son.

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