Character Details - Raoul Quell

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Full Name – Raoul Quell

Birth Date – He doesn’t tell, but he looks about 38
Birth Place -- Unknown
Age --  See birth date
Race -- unknown
Hair Color -- black
Hair Style – Long, reaches his collar in other words
Eye Color -- Brown
Skin Tone -- Tan
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks – Tiny faded scar on his neck
Build or Body Type – Well built, muscular
Height – 6’ 2”
Weight – 180 lbs

Bad Habits --  Is it a bad habit, he is never see in the daylight per se?

Strong Points --
Temperament – Don’t push him, his temper can be short if things have been a bit ‘dry’ for him.
Attitude – He can be fair about most things.  He feels he probably knows business and history better then most.
Weakness – Not telling…you can guess.
Fears – Being caught in the daylight
Secrets – Who he really is and his past.
Regrets – Falling for the wrong women,  hence his secret
Motivation – To live a normal life
Goals and Hopes – See above
Sexuality – He does like the ladies
Day or Night Person --  Currently a night person

Likes and Styles
Animals – Likes cats
Clothing – Has a tendency to dress as if he is going to a masquerade ball in that his clothing is of the later 1700s early 1800s.  He will dawn clothes of today, but feels more comfortable in the early period clothing.  He is thought to be a bit eccentric.
Jewelry – He wears a silver cross in a circle.  Surprise …surprise.  You wouldn’t think it for his problem.

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now
Home --  He lives in one of the older mansions found in Maine.
Household furnishings – Early period style.  Sparse. 
Favorite Possession – A picture painted of himself.
Neighborhood – He owns the 500 acres around the mansion.  No neighbors.
Married Before – Never been married.
Children -- None
Relationship with Family – He has no living family, except for someone he calls his sister.  But, is she.
Best Friend – His sister…she has a similar problem to his.  But, not the same.

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