Character Details - Urien Glaimhin

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Name: Urien Glaimhin
Age: 55 Whispin years
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eye Color: Clear brown
Hair Color: Brown with auburn and copper highlights
Marital Status: Married to Ehona, who is the widowed wife of Riven Ceanadach, mother of Bhayne Ceanadach.

History: House Glaimhin and House Ceanadach have been feuding Houses for centuries. Most of Ceanadach's most fertile lands were originally Glaimhins, however, during one of the many battles in the two House's history, Ceanadach was able to break a siege with the help of House Gardor and drive Glaimhim back, thus doubling its holdings.

The feud still continues, and Glaimhin watches House Ceanadach with an eager eye as Bhayne has no wife or heir and with the marriage to his mother, Glaimhin would be able to legally absorb House Ceanadach and its wealth in the event of Bhayne's untimely death.

Other details will be added as this character evolves

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Angus MacFayden