Character Details - Hunter Urdrul

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Hunter is from the western continent on Berelath -- from deep within the immensely craggy and rugged mountains of that continent. He hails from one of the many green and fertile valleys first settled by a human named Brendar.

Basic characteristics:

Height: 6', 5"
Hair: Brown to black
Eyes: Steel grey
Physical Age: Nearly 1400 years (subject to change)
Apparent Age: 42

As the valley filled and settlers moved to the other adjoining valleys, taking on new names and creating new clans as they went. The Brendari are the oldest of these mountain people clans though and Hunter's line is the undisputed leadership.

The Brendari, over time, have developed abilities that set them aside from your average Berelathian human. For one thing, they are far more tolerant of other races. They have an intensely curious nature and love to learn. For another a few of their people are able to "acquire" magic and "store" it for study by their people. That is why you will see Hunter studying anything magical in nature. Most likely when Brendar first found the valley magic was more innate to the humans, possibly explaining why Hunter didn't truly die when his time came.

Brendari are longer lived than their fellow humans, living a few hundred years instead of a few decades. Hunter, as a magic man, was given a thousand years. His children's life spans will be much longer than your average Brendari because of their elven heritage.

Other things of note: Hunter does not wear a shirt, nor do his sons. It's a Brendari thing, y'know. He does wear leather trousers and boots and carries a very large broadsword across his back.

A note about the Brendari and neighboring clans: They are pretty much a stone-age type people with the occasional steel weapon thrown in for variation. They are tribal in nature, peace-loving, but possessed of a fierce warrior nature when incited. They have berserker tendencies then.

A listing of the children born thus far to Hunter and his wife.

1. Lantry
2. Devan
3. Conor
4. Bryen
5. Lancel
6. Brandon
7. Mirë (triplet)
8. Brienne (triplet)
9. Wilwarin (triplet)
10. Silmë
11. Stevros
12. Bethany

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Viggo Mortensen