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Pronouncing An'Thaya D'Riel
Race: Human/Forest Elf (S'Hean)/Dragon
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Deep Flame Red
Eyes: Emerald-Green - Cat Slit Pupils
Complexion: Golden Tan
AGE: 5644 (2000 years lost in time during Awakening)
Meaning of name: Light's Hope Surging Soul Blackthorn
Married: Callan Blackthorn

Dragon-Self: Agaruloki
Meaning of Name: Crimson Dragon
Color: Deep Crimson
Eyes: Faceted Emerald
Length: 45 feet nose to tail
Weight: 65 tons
Wingspan: 67.5 feet tip to tip
Identifying marks: Gold patch of scales over heart.



The Amazon is a volatile, temperamental creature, cross her and you are bound to find yourself at the point of a dagger. She loves deeply, fiercely, unconditionally, but not blindly. Do NOT call her Tay, unless you are Callan. She will answer only to An’Thaya or Thaya, Tay is a private name. The nickname Aya is acceptable only from Shadow and her children. She is tiny, but dangerous, intelligent and wary. Despite her quick temper she does have a playful sense of humor. Thaya is loyal to the point of stupidity, though she will call a spade a spade while defending them to the death to others. She hates the cold, loves the water with S’Hean passion, is terribly fond of Mai’Tus in any form, venison, and Sun melon.

WARNING: Do NOT touch the Amazon without asking unless you enjoy bodily harm.


Right Bicep: Sword wrapped with white rose wreathed by Black Thorns. Her coming of age Amazon tatto. Blackthorns appeared later as bond to Callan.
Over Heart: Golden tear with dagger outline. The mark of her Goddess as Arminiea's child of Light. Dagger added later as approval of relationship with Callan.
Abdomen: Crimson Dragon Scales
Right hand and wrist: Black Tracery: wedding binding to Callan.

Note: check homesite for hidden and past markings.

Trousers: Tight black Whispinian leather (breathes better than Terran leather) with laces at the front
Shirt: cut off black shirt, metal breastplate trimmed in gold on top
Boots: Knee high black leather boots laced at the side


Daggers: Forged by her own hand out of elven steel. An'Thaya will rely on them first and foremost.
Magic: Something she will fall back onto only when backed into a corner.
D'Riel Conduit: A magnifying glass for power. She can take the spell of another mage and increase it tenfold in the casting. When on her own she pulls magic from the life forces and Aethyr around her... it would take very extreme circumstances for her to use her inborn talent, to reveal it is to risk someone like Tallin seeking to use her for it.

Bonds and Relationships:

Callan Blackthorn: Callan forced a bond to complete in an attempt to save Tay's life during a soulhealing performed by Mira. The seed of the bond was planted when she lay with him whilst still married to Galain Alcarin. Their souls have fused, he is her chosen soulmate and husband.

Note: check homesite for past relationships.


Fathered by Galain: Anelain D'riel Ilander Alcarin
Tyrel (Galain Jr), Tysane (deceased), Gloraelin and Culaelin, Menelanna, Makilnar, Vanyalin
Borne by Jaiden: Eos, Cadan, Ruan, Kerensa, and Steren
Borne by Mystical: Amilyn Bellator D'riel
Fathered by Adarin: Melian and Elerina Alcarin
Fathered by Callan: Cal'Lanth, Th'Rax, Tay'La


Cully and Wil Alcarin: Caetlyn and Willem Alcarin
Glory Alcarin and Ibex Hyena: Galen Alcarin
Glory Alcarin and Catherine Rain: Rilya, Nendil, Cuivienen
Anelain and Kalab Greyford: An'Eka Greyford

Step Children:

Galain's Children: Kaylin, Avathar, Jason, Julian, Conlan, Melaina, Aisling, Marius, Aarien
Callan's Children: Yarwin, Charis, Mira

God Children:

Xaria 'Sierra' Cole Silverwing
Aranmere Silverwing

Robin Silverleaf

Items of importance:

Holy Feather: Woven into hair, gift from Shadow
Silver bracelette: with blue stone and hiding spot, a gift from Shadow.
Lock of beaded hair: belonging to Ha'v'er's the Goblin. It is a gift of friendship, and protects her from other Goblins if need be.
Gold brooch: set with an emerald, a gift from the giant Ymir, made to remind her of what others see in her.
Ranger Pin: From the Ingraelis Rangers
Amethyst Pendant: Hangs from her belt, Jaiden's bride price
Mirthril Engagement Ring: set with Emerald on middle finger of left hand
Mithril and gold wedding band: on same finger


Stage 1 (Childhood): Born Princess An'Thaya D'Riel of Corin, her family was lost to Tenobrous a few days after her birth. She was raised believing that Tager Terne (General of Corin) was her father and lived with him and the Amazons in the Jungle.

Stage 2 (Education and Friendships): 21 yrs, enters the Blacksmith trade as apprentice to Slade. Meets a Mercenary who gets under her skin, but eventually becomes a very good friend. Is nearly raped by another Mercenary and she kills him for his trouble. At this point she becomes a blooded Amazon Warrior and receives the first stage of her tattoo. Joins Reece (the Mercenary) on his travels. Becomes a Mercenary, Assassin and even a Pirate Queen for awhile

Stage 3 (Enlightenment): 700 yrs, is sent to Arminiea at the Crystal Keep – Reece dies at Tallin's hands trying to get her there safely. An'Thaya escapes Tallin and starts her education, learns her true name. At 800 years she travels back into the world and is nearly captured by Tallin. A close escape lands her at the Green Heart Inn where she meets Galain Alcarin. Returns home (with Galain accompanying) to Tager, is sent to S'Hea. Learns her true heritage, and what she must do to find her true family.

Stage 4 (Rescue and Love): Journeys to release Corin from Tenobrous, falls in love with Galain Alcarin somewhere along the way. Rescues Corin and is reunited with her family. Takes Galain as a lover.

Stage 5 (Friendships and Foolishness): Spends many years as Galain's bondmate, travels with him on various adventures. Meets the people who will help shape her life. On some level she is unhappy due to Galain's continued infidelity. Things fall apart when Galain is embraced by a Vampire – and An'Thaya turns to her good friend Elyen. The two become lovers. Galain takes her from him and embraces her – but she is later killed by his Sire who flies into a jealous rage.

Stage 6 (Resurrection and Denial): Resurrected by Elyen, she becomes his faithful bondmate for six hundred years, and mother to a child 'Anelain' who bears Galain's DNA as well. Arminiea wipes her memory and even when it is regained, An'Thaya is forbidden to go back to Galain – on pain of death. The relationship with Elyen is due to fail, however, as the Amazon cannot let go of her first love. When Elyen is taken, An'Thaya and Galain's passion is re-sparked – she survives their lovemaking despite the warnings of her Goddess. She comes to realize Galain will not accept anyone else in her life when he finds out Railen is in love with her as well. She chooses Galain, and Galain alone. Elyen is killed.

Stage 7 (Innocent Joy): 2900 yrs, An'Thaya and Galain marry and enjoy five hundred years of peace and love in the jungle. She bears him five children during this time. (Technically seven, one dies, and its twin is stolen by Tallin) She also bonds with Jaiden at this point and takes her to wife, Galain is open and accepting of the relationship – all three share the same bed.

Stage 8 (Disillusionment): 3500 yrs, Kidnapped by Galain's father Gareth, it is made to look like An'Thaya is dead. In truth, she is brutally raped in turn by Gareth, Avathar (a child of Galain's he has no knowledge of) and Iavan. Galain bonds with Ghetsuhm Riker. Eventually, Galain discovers that An'Thaya is still alive and rescues her for Alcarinque. The realization that he has soul-bonded to another woman nearly kills her, but she stays with him all the same – ashamed of her weakness and unable to stand on her own two feet. She eventually takes Galain's Uncle Adarin as a lover and bondmate, attempting to fill in the empty places in her heart.

Stage 9: (Maturity and Fate): 3627 yrs, An'Thaya meets Callan Blackthorn, and her life is changed forever. During this time she also loses both parents and her cousin B'Rodyn. A slow realization that Galain loves Ghetsuhm more than he loves her is eating away at her. She hates Callan at first, but a night of unexpected passion reveals more than she ever expected. Her bonds to other lovers are shattered and she gives herself entirely to Callan. In him she finds her soulmate, and greatest love. The road is agonizing and filled with madness, but all wounds eventually heal and she finds peace and contentment in her soul-merge with the Black Dragon Emperor.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • An'Thaya hardly ever uses her D'Riel conduit, old habits die hard and Tallin use to be able to track her through it
  • When aggitated, An'Thaya taps at her dagger hilts or removes them from their sheaths and twirls them
  • An'Thaya's scent is reminiscent jungle rain, vanilla and strawberry. There may also be a hint of smoke due to her draconic side.
  • The Amazon is ambidextrous
  • An'Thaya's favourite drinks are Whisky and Tequila
  • The Amazon will go medeival on your ass if you touch her without permission
  • When An'Thaya is using 'Aethyr' the scent of 'ozone' will permeate the air
  • Her favourite colours are Black, Gold, Silver, Crimson and Emerald Green
  • Water is irresistable to S'Hean elves, as a result An'Thaya is hard pressed not to strip down and jump in anytime the opportunity presents itself
  • Possessed of a snap temper, she can be a cold, unreasonable bitch
  • Tay is a hedonist, and so is her husband so its probably best to cover one's eyes and whistle dixie if one is easily offended.
  • An'Thaya was brought up as an Amazon and worked as a Mercenary and an Assassin, don't let her diminutive size fool you, she is deadly.
  • On planets with lighter gravity than Whispin's (which would be nearly all of them aside from Arun) An'Thaya is faster and more lethal than usual.
  • An'Thaya and Callan are so closely soul bonded they are 'one', what one feels, hears and sees, so does the other, please keep this in mind when interacting with either of them.
  • An'Thaya's husband is, in his 'real' form, a massive Black Dragon who views most humanoids as an entree... tread with caution.
  • When healing someone else's wound, it will reappear on her and then heal rapidly
  • She will not answer to Tay unless it is Callan using the name. It is a 'private' name, and insulting for anyone aside from her husband to use it. Please use An'Thaya or Thaya when speaking to her. The nickname Aya is acceptable only from the Silverleafs.
  • An'Thaya and Callan were lost in time for 2000 years during the Awakening -- this accounts for the descrepancy in age, she is 2000 years older than her elder brother, Y'Roden.
  • An'Thaya has a pet Cockatoo named Aethyr but he lives at her old Cottage on Whispin
  • An'Thaya has a black panther named Deg'hr (trouble) who lives at the Keep
  • An'Thaya and Callan have a talking, white and black tiger named Shasta (Biter of Toes) who lives at the Keep with them. Her twin sister Shasha (One who is full of thoughts) belongs to An'Thaya's son, Glory. She also has a older sister named Keira (means Black Haired) who lives in Nenlante's nursery and a older brother named Raoul (ironically, means Wolf) who lives in Riker's Penthouse. They were all sired by Kara Little Havenlock's companion, Argon.

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