Character Details - Lea McFarlan

Written by Willow SilverwingCreated : 18-Jan-2007 11:31:45 pm
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Lea McFarlan

Age:  Unknown, but younger than Angus

 Height: 6’

 Weight: 170 - very feminine yet muscular pounds

Hair:  Brunette

Eyes:  Brown

Skin color: 

Lea is the sister of Angus.  She has never met her brother.  She just knows he exists.  She has seen a likeness of him sketched on one of the leather wall hangings done by their mother.

She has grown up to be somewhat strong willed.  Learning to hold her own against the others when practicing for battles and the rumors of how wonderful, strong and yet gentle her brother was.  She fights to be her own person yet longs to meet the man that her family talks of with such love.  For a barbarian family she is surprised by this as she hasn’t seen it much in other family groups.

She loves to ride and hunt. 


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Kate Jackson