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Name: Xuco Goldenstalker, Most people call him Xu
Race: Peace Cheetah
Age: 102 years
Fur: Buff-coloured coat with round black spots and distinctive black lines that go from the inner corner of each eye and down along the side of the snout to the jaw. White underbelly.
Total Body Length: 130 cm
Weight: 125 lbs
Build: Slender and long-legged with a deep chest and narrow waist.
Abilities: Can run faster than Terran Cheetahs, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph.
Personality and Life: Xuco is an interesting fellow. He should have chosen a mate and settled down at least seventy years ago but he stills travels around Peace World causing mischief like a child. He spends most days sleeping under the stars but sometime returns to his parent's home and stays there. His mother, Chitraka, spoils him while Xu's father thinks Xu should do some growing up. Xu loves to have fun and has a loyal pack of friends (but they are more like followers, he is definitely the boss)

Xu took part in the Cheetah Race and not long after decided to go travel with the portaling Cheetah, Sarahasi. The two Peace Cheetahs have ended up on Catheska.

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