Character Details - Cormac Triff

Written by Aylric TovenaarCreated : 10-Jan-2007 7:44:45 am
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Name: Cormac Triff

Meaning of Name:

Race: Sand Troll

Age: 1,375

Apparent Age (if different):

Height: 8'0

Build/Weight: Hefty

Hair: Sandy blonde, worn in a short topknot type ponytail

Eyes: Reddish brown

Complexion: Dark olive

Sound of voice: Raspy bass

Accent: Mix of Arabic and Indian

Identifying Marks (if present):

Clothing: Long sleeved, loose white shirt, with the sleeves rolled to the elbow, loose beige pants, sandals.

Tattoos and Peircings: Loop earring in each ear

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

Personality: Hard working, doesn't take any guff off of anyone, Seems rough around the edges, but is mellow

Occupation: Bartender

Skills and Abilities:

Weapons Used: A large hammer (never travels with it), and his fist.

Background Information:
History: Born out of wedlock, Cormac was raised in an orphanage in the capitol of Baht'Tahl. The Matron of the orphanage gave him the name Cormac Triff, knowing he would need a decent name once he got out into the world. At the age of one hundred and sixteen, Cormac set out to find his own path in life. He was accepted and lived with a Sand troll clan, whose clan name he doesn't remember,for a few months, but went back to city life, finding it more to his liking. After moving back to Baht'Tahl, he began working in a pub, learning everything there is to know on how to run one. one hundred years later, after saving the money, he bought the pub he started out in and named it "Cormac's". Twenty years after that he met and fell in love with Sosie. They were "married" two years later. (Still working on his history, any questions, just ask)

Marital Status: Married

Children: 6

Blood or Soul Bonds:

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