Character Details - Ursal Tair

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Name:  Ursal Tair
Age:  33 at the time of Orb of Mysteries
Hair:  Light brown, sunstreaked with blonde
Eyes:  Walnut brown
Weight:  235 lbs (106.8 kilos)
Height:  6' 3"
Build:  Heavy even for a Whispin Human male -  Ursal carries the name of the Whispin species of Bear with good reason. 
Personality:  Rough and Tumble but laughs easily.  Has a bawdy sense of humour and loves the girls.

History:  Born in Castle Ceanadach, Ursal has lived there his entire life.  He has only in the past 6 years rose to the rank of Captain of Cavalry and as such is at the head of Bhayne's House Militia, which specializes in cavalry.

Appearance:  As mentioned above, Ursal is considered a large man, even by Corin standards.  He tends to keep his hair long, and rarely brushes it, thus resulting in a tangled mess that gets tied back much of the time.  He has a slightly ruddy complexion but is tanned due to the extensive amount of time spent in Whispin's twin sunlight.  He appears to move slow but powerfully on foot, and his true talent lies in his ability to stay astride almost any horse in any situtation. 

Tid-bits:  Ursal cannot read.  Bhayne has made attempts to teach him, but all have failed because Ursal is dyslexic, a condition that has not yet been named or understood, but is known to Corin Humans.  Ursal also gets horribly sea-sick.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Joel Edgarton as Gawain in King Arthur