Character Details - Kellaeth Alijian Serittis

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Name: Kellaeth Alijian Serit'tis
Age: 23 human years.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 157pounds.
Build: Broad shouldered and hardened willow frame.
Eyes: Large elven, clear cut emerald gemstone green.
Hair: Deep rich forest green, reaching down to his rear, the forebrow hair braided into dozens of small braids leading down his back with a single large braid from the crown of his head.

Appearance: His clothing normally consists of a pair of heavily woven pants that hang loosely on his slender frame followed by a cloth wrap about his hips into which a ornate sword, with a dragon head pommul, is thrust over his left hip. His torso is bare save for an open hard shoulder vest revealing the leaness of his tanned chest and abdomen as well as an elaborate tattoo over his heart of a heart with a sword thrust through it and thorned roses wrapped about it. His hands are covered with pale leather gloves with small brass domes over the knuckles a woven pattern across the palm for grip. In addition to his obvious elven heritage which lays in his large and proud elven ears, his skin is crisscrossed with a lightning pattern of scars that seem to have a strange and almost hypnotic pattern to them. His only other clothing is the light leather cloak of pale deer skin with a deep cowl. Across his back is strapped the second of his two swords, the handle coming over his right shoulder. His satchel is often slung over his right shoulder and hanging on his left side.

Items of Interest: His two swords are of magical creation, possessing incredible durability to both breakage and chipping. The edge is keenly sharp and whistle as they are swung through the air. At his command they may ignite, seeming to become blades of a flaring green flame. The pommuls are also capable of interjoining to create a duel bladed polearm which may be wielded to devestating effect. His only other weapon is a large knife strapped to his right leg. The blade holds similar attributes to the sword save it holds no magical power. He carries with a small assortment of cooking herbs, a small black iron cook pot and cloth wrapped buns he makes himself. His last item is his pure silver ocarina.

Powers and Skills: Kellaeth is a skilled swordsman, very capable in the usage of either one or two swords simultaniously or as their conjoined staff form. He is also a master of his homeland's martial system of fighting, making him formidable in hand to hand combat. While he is able to use others, only the sentimental and personal value of his weapons assure that he will have them at all times. He is also versed in the use of magic involving symbological Runes, however the ability to use this power is infrequent and often more instinctive than reliable. However, Kellaeth's true magical ability lays in his high resistance to most magicks. Most spells or magical effects will slide off of him, including healing magic. Thus his body's own magicks have aided in providing him with a natural form of accelerated healing that allows him to recover from superficial wounds easily, requiring additional time and strength to recover from more serious injuries. His last power lays dorment, awakened by only his greatest passions or his worst pains.

Weaknesses: Kellaeth is mortal like any other, wounds cause him pain, too many or too great a wound can cause him death. Poisons that are fast acting in their effects can incapacitate him or even be fatal to him. His left shoulder is also slightly weaker than the right, making it prone to dislocate under heavy duress or to a strong blow. His inability to be healed by magic leaves him weakened by his body's attempt to heal itself, and too many wounds can cause him death should he have insufficent food supplies and rest as the resources of his body would be drained in the effort of healing.

Bio: A wanderer by choice, Kellaeth has long had a fascination and a need for adventure. He journeys for himself, seeking paths of life that enlighten him further to the nature of himself and others. While he is greatly free of much of the doubt that has plagued him for a long piece of his life, Kellaeth still retains lingering doubts regarding occasional outbursts of extreme emotion that come over him at times. He hopes to use the past that haunted him as a means to embrace a future that beckons him.
While he has known lovers, there are only four whom he has truly embraced to his heart. While he holds no expectations to see them in his journeys, being so far from his homeland, there remains always the chance.

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