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Human mutant


5 ft. tall

wiry, trim, well-defined

Caucasian features

Skin coloration: Golden tan(everywhere), nearly hairless

Hair coloration: Curly, glossy black, short

Eye coloration: Hazel

Apparent age: 16

Real age: Unknown

Visible mutations: Powerful(supports up to 5x body weight) prehensile tail, 4 ft. long, 4 inches diameter at tail base; sharply pointed external ears with multiple piercings; and a 4 inch long, 1 ½ inch diameter nerve bundle rooted between scrotum and penis base(not immediately apparent on initial visual inspection).

Non-visible mutations: Sub-dermal 1/8 inch layer of dense nerve tissue covering his body, thickening to 1/4 inch layer in all erogenous zones(internal and external) - increased sensitivity to physical sensations overall; hyper-sensitivity in noted areas; large brain-like nerve bundle at junction of tail and spine, protected by muscle and cartilage casing within pelvic girdle; physical regeneration of lost/severely damaged body parts; physiological development and aging permanently halted while in puberty.

Psychological: Subject displays overt bisexual preferences, with submissive, slightly masochistic, bondage tendencies. Seems most comfortable when physically restrained and dominated in a threatening sexual manner by both sexes. Subject also displays a pronounced tendency toward kleptomania - be advised subject does hide objects on self even when nude. Behavior patterns seem calculated to garner some form of corporeal disciplinary action on a near-daily basis, to the point of restless hyperactive insomnia until subject has received desired stimulation. Not recommended for release into open society due to kleptomania and masochism. Subject needs to be controlled and restrained at all times.




To all appearances, Nolan is a healthy, well-formed 16 year old human male, with sharply pointed ears outlined by multiple piercings, and a long, powerful prehensile tail, covered in smooth, nearly hairless golden tan skin beneath a short shock of curly black hair above hazel eyes. His clothing reveals his bondage fetish - collar with chains, padded wrist cuffs, shirt emblazoned with "Show me you’re boss - spank me ‘til I scream", easy-off cargo-style pants, and soft boots. For Nolan, theft is a subconscious, automatic reflex whenever anything capable of being stolen comes within reach, regardless of value. Even his tail can loop around and "palm" items, tucking them away on/in his body without thought. He is often surprised later when he discovers what items he has unwittingly picked up - and where he had tucked them - as he is mostly unaware of his thefts. Nolan is attracted to either sex, and responds as any healthy 16 year old human would - with overt bluntness. Totally lacking in willpower, he has no resistance to any temptation, and will obediently do ALMOST anything he’s told to by anyone who physically or sexually dominates him. For this reason alone, Nolan NEEDS care-takers.

He responds deeply to pleasurable sensations as well, enjoying the lightest caresses as though they were deeply sensual massages. Nolan’s preferred state is restrained and sandwiched between two actively engaged lovers, getting thoroughly sexed by both at once. If he’s just been disciplined, so much the better, as the painful stinging sensations and moderate fear will only heighten his total arousal. Rapidly alternating pleasure and pain will drive him to unheard-of heights of sexual performance, and insure his slavish devotion afterward. Nolan thrives on such treatment, quivering and whimpering softly in fearful anticipation whenever he’s seized or pinned and called a "naughty boy". A well-placed ice cold probe unexpectedly inserted beneath his tail (or a vibrating probe applied to the growth between his penis and scrotum) is assured of an astounding response, especially amidst a vigorously alternating pleasure/pain session.


Abandoned to the bombed-out streets of Megalopolis Nine, a war-torn colony on a world far distant from Earth, Nolan grew up fending for himself as best he could. Mutated by the radiation his parents were exposed to, he hid in the alleyways and stole from garbage piles and the occasional unwary wanderer. Chased out of every remaining shop for his kleptomania, Nolan was soon recruited by one of many roaming youth gangs. Shortly thereafter, the gang he was part of ran afoul of an adult crime syndicate, and Nolan was captured. Kept as a novelty and trained as a sex-slave, Nolan serviced their leaders until the arrival of the NeuZhaad Battle Fleet, which imposed martial law on the colony and wiped out the crime syndicates.

Found in the smoldering wreckage of the syndicate’s headquarters, Nolan was rescued and transferred to one of the medical ships - where his mutations were studied and recorded. Placed in a holding cell, he was put through a government sanctioned "re-education program" in preparation for his release. When he proved immune to the program, his release was canceled, and Nolan was assigned to caretakers in the Support Fleet. Years later, it was noted that Nolan had not aged; and further research showed that one of his mutations had stopped his physiological development in the midst of puberty. When his caretakers aged out, he was reassigned,..... over and over..... until the fall of the NeuZhaad regime, when he was sold as a sex-slave, and escaped. Nolan has outlived his rescuers, outlived generations of their regime, and even outlived the colony world he was born into - and still has the sixteen year old (slightly skewed) attitude he had when he was found.


Driven by his needs to steal, to be physically dominated, and to be moderately physically and sexually abused, Nolan travels in search of the perfect master/mistress pair. IF he finds them, his loyalty will know no bounds, and he will do whatever he must to remain their favored "pet". Nolan desperately seeks to submit to a daily beating - spanking, paddling, or even a silken or leather tassel whipping violently across his exposed buttocks - as though his very life depends on receiving such stimuli. Indeed, he can’t seem to function properly (mentally) until he has suffered such painfully stinging attention. The longer he goes without it, the worse his conduct becomes - until someone seizes him and delivers an appropriately painful correction. This by no means needs to cause injury - Nolan’s entire body is far more sensitive to physical stimuli than any normal human’s, especially within erogenous zones such as his buttocks - he only needs the pain. He will happily serve sexually in return for this; or offer his skills as a thief. Nolan truly believes that he deserves such treatment, and actively seeks out those who will dish it out.

On those occasions when he has been overly abused, driven beyond his masochistic tolerances, or severely neglected, Nolan has fought to escape. Far from being suicidal, he flees from anyone who actively seeks to do him harm, taking every opportunity to slip away, despite his non-existent will power. The only times Nolan will actively defy someone who has dominated him are these, and cases when his needs are ignored.

He fears being enslaved to someone who will do him serious harm - even though he believes he deserves punishment. He hates to be alone, seeking out the company of others even when he should be hiding. Nolan is terrified of being bound and locked in a room by himself - especially a small room, like a cell. He was trapped like that during the NeuZhaad’s assault on the crime syndicate’s headquarters, and managed to survive three days in the resulting wreckage before he was rescued. For this reason, he does not respond well to imprisonment and isolation.



Having never known a "normal" life, with family and friends, Nolan’s relationships are twisted echoes of what other people would have. Perhaps his need to be dominated is really a desire to belong and be protected, and his drive to please his "owners" is really a cry for love, and his submissiveness might be a silent plea for acceptance. His masochism seems to stem from a subconscious desire to be punished for his kleptomania, which in turn might be an adaptation for survival in the harsh, post-apocalyptic world he was born into.

Small objects of any kind draw his attention, triggering his kleptomania - especially if the objects are shiny. Apparent value is not a factor in this - Nolan is just as likely to steal glass marbles as jewels or pearls. Anything that could be easily picked up and hidden will be, even by his tail. This is all subconscious reflex; Nolan doesn’t usually realize he’s doing it. Thus, he doesn’t take into account things like security cameras, unseen observers, or potential consequences of his actions. He usually doesn’t try to take anything sharp or dangerous looking, nor is he likely to take something that might do him harm - nothing painfully hot, or spiked, or covered in glue, or anything like that. If he is caught in the act, he will honestly be confused by accusations of theft, until presented with the evidence - items found on/in his person. Even then, he will be puzzled as to how things got there. Nolan has even picked up and eaten food this way - probably how the mania got started in early childhood; a survival tactic on the streets. Once convinced of his theft, Nolan will "assume the position" and insist on being punished, even dropping the seat of his pants for his accuser to properly spank or whip him, begging insistently for it until he’s had his fill of pain. As soon as he’s reached his limit of masochistic tolerance, Nolan will begin to actually bawl and insist he has learned his lesson, promising never to steal again - even as his tail reaches to grab something else. If his accuser refuses to punish him, he will become even more confused, and may even follow them, continuing to insist on being punished until someone does. Nolan knows no shame, accepting punishment even in public without hesitation. IF, as often happened in the past, his accuser does punish him - but doesn’t stop soon after he begins bawling and insisting he has learned his lesson - Nolan will try to escape, offering himself sexually to get the pain to stop. If he can’t escape and his offers and pleas aren’t working, and screaming for help doesn’t bring rescue, Nolan will continue to bawl and beg helplessly until released. Then, he will flee if able, seeking to avoid his abuser thereafter. *Note that punishing him places Nolan in easy reach of items his captor has on/with them, giving rise to further opportunities for theft the longer he is near.* At no point will Nolan willingly return anything he has obtained through kleptomania - though threats of severe pain or isolation in a small room can coerce him to surrender such objects. He may abandon/trade/sell objects on his own, once he discovers he has them, if he has no use for them.

If Nolan is currently dominated by a master/mistress and someone else accuses him of theft, he will defer to his dominator(s), claiming to belong to him/her and as such, they are responsible for him. If his dominator(s) choose to punish him, Nolan will submit, and accept whatever penalty until his limits are reached, then he will begin to bawl and cry for mercy. If his theft was against his dominator(s), each time he is punished will reduce chances of future thefts from his "owner(s)". His kleptomania is incurable, so there will always be some chance he will steal from his "owner(s)", even though he KNOWS he shouldn’t and cringes in fear at the thought.

From time to time, Nolan will run away from whomever has dominated him. This may be from a desire to find the "perfect master/mistress", or a result of fear of severe abuse; or conversely, in hopes of being captured and punished for running away! In the hands of the right dominator(s), Nolan will be a loyal slave, even to the point of risking his own life. He really has NO desire to be free, preferring to obey someone else and accept their attentions in exchange. Once free, he will immediately begin seeking someone else to enslave and care for him.

Nolan has served as a member of various thieves’ guilds, and been "kept" by members of a few assassin guilds in the past. He knows enough about such groups to fit in - he grew up as a gang member and then a slave to the leaders of a going crime syndicate - and in such groups, his kleptomania usually serves him well. Until they discover him stealing from THEM.

As a submissive, Nolan does NOT carry any weapons; though he may use whatever comes to hand to fend off someone seeking to do him serious harm. His preferred tactics in dangerous situations are: to flee, seek the protection of his "owner(s)", call for help, beg for mercy, try to sell himself in exchange for safety, or hide. Although he is not brave, Nolan is not a coward - his masochism drives him to seek situations where he might experience a certain amount of fear and pain. He simply lacks the willpower to stand up for himself - that’s what his "owner(s)" are for.

He knows how to use various weapons - somewhat - having been ordered to do so on differing occasions by previous "owners"; and will obediently try if ordered to do so again. Still, he lacks the will to kill, even in self defense - though he might overcome this in defense of a preferred "owner". For Nolan to even knowingly do serious injury to someone is rare, and will leave him upset and needing attention to calm down afterward.

Nolan is familiar with and comfortable in a wide range of tech levels - everything from knights in armor and peasants with hand tools to space cruisers with transporters and laser-toting androids. He recognizes that no matter the level of technology, there are always people looking for sex, and people looking for someone to dominate and enslave. Nolan sees people like this as his meal tickets, his means of survival. He depends on it. He looks for them, wherever he goes.

Nolan’s ideal "owner" is actually a master-mistress duo; only mildly sadistic and thoroughly dominant, bi-sexual and deeply in lust. He desires a pair that will use him, and slightly abuse him, keeping him in a state of mildly frightened, stinging, complete bi-sexual arousal; sating his need for pain as they wear him out, keeping him restrained at all times. Nolan craves physical contact, will seek it at every opportunity, even if it is slightly painful. His increased sensitivity to touch compounds his masochism, further twisting his sense of pleasure/pain. Of course, his ideal "owners" would know and understand this, and would keep him on the very edge of his level of tolerance, toying with pushing him beyond his comfort zone to keep him mildly frightened - thus heightening the entire experience - and employing various methods to stimulate his sensitive skin, driving him to increasing heights. That would be his reward.

His worst terror, oddly enough, is to be stripped naked, restrained upright spread-eagle (including his tail), blindfolded, gagged, and left totally isolated and untouched in a locked cell. To be totally helpless, completely defenseless, and entirely alone is Nolan’s absolute nightmare. Fifteen minutes of this, and he will be screaming past his gag for attention of some sort. Half an hour, and he will be near tears; an hour or more, and his mind will have slipped back to when he was first trapped during the assault on the syndicate’s headquarters when he was a small child. More than three hours of this, Nolan will be catatonic, requiring repeated physical stimulus of some sort to bring him back. Once freed, he will do everything in his power to flee whomever locked him away.




Well-versed in sleight-of-hand, Nolan is a consummate thief and pickpocket - unconsciously - as well as a dexterous juggler and acrobat. His small frame, slight build, and prehensile tail make him ideal as a second story man, or the perfect thief to work his way through a crowd, lightening their purses at every step. He automatically hides whatever items he picks up - whether or not he is aware of them - and has on occasion earned his keep as assistant to traveling street magicians. His subservient, non-threatening manner tends to make guards ignore his presence, allowing him free access to normally well-guarded areas, like museums and bank vaults. His sensitivity to touch often helps him "feel" his way to opening locks, as well as revealing unseen weaknesses in the things he touches, often revealing traps such as hidden pitfalls, trip wires, and pressure-plates. His heightened sense of touch also can reveal which keys on a touch-pad have been used most often, what areas have been exposed to the most wear/traffic, and how long since someone else touched something (based on heat residue from the object). Past masters have used Nolan by simply sending him to fetch items, then strip-searching and cavity-searching him on his return to claim their prize. He might not always get what he was sent for, but Nolan never walks away without getting something. He just doesn’t know it most of the time.

Nolan has rudimentary knowledge of general weapon usage - he can usually recognize a weapon as such, and has a general idea how to use it. However, as stated before, he will only use a weapon if directly ordered to - or desperately fighting for his life with no chance of escape, and then it is likely to be something as mundane as a thrown rock. He can defend himself empty-handed (brawling), but much prefers escape to combat. His time serving in certain assassin guilds exposed him to various poisons, giving him a limited understanding of how to identify and use them - something he would NEVER do - giving him a chance to spot them if they are being used. Nolan is likely to throw down objects as he flees, in hopes pursuers will stop to pick them up - allowing him to escape. Any object he has can become a weapon if he is cornered and seriously threatened, making him a resourceful combatant when forced. However, combat is his last resort, after attempted escape, begging and pleading, and offering sexual favors to save himself have all failed. He once saved himself by choking his attacker with his tail, leaving the man unconscious. His heightened sense of touch gives him clues as to an opponent’s physical weaknesses - if Nolan can actually touch his opponent. Armored opponents he can detect flaws in their armor; but again, he’d rather run away than fight.

Nolan, as I see him - best I can draw.

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