Character Details - Jewelcoust

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Name. Jewelcoust
Meaning of Name. "of the precious jewels"
Race. The Kind
Age. 8,000 years old
Apparent age. 24
Height. 6'5"
Build/weight. Muscular, built well, 180 lbs.
Hair. Blue, slicked back, reaches his shoulders when slicked back
Eyes. Earthen brown
Complexion. Flawless complexion
Appearance. Jewelcoust has crimson skin.  He does not really have fingers, but long and sharp talons.  He still has five on each hand.  He wears a long, grey trench coat.  Underneath, he wears a white wife beater and large dark yellow pants.  He wears large boots that are perfect to stomp with.  He has several piercings along his ears, and normally wears dangly earrings on each ear.
Identifying marks.  On his forehead is a black diamond that is tattoo'ed on, with curly ques on either side.  He has piercings on the curly ques, a ring on either side.
Personal items usually carried. Jewelcoust always carries a bauble with him, wrapped around his hand.

Skills and abilities.
Weapons used.

Martial status.
Blood or soul bonds.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

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