Character Details - Morgan Rinduran

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Basic Characteristics

Height: 5', 11"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Age: 42
Marital status: Single

Morgan is a human male who hales from the far northern reaches of the eastern continent, Mindosia, on Berelath. His people are fairly sophisticated given the general nature of most human settlements and cities on Berelath, and are known for their traveling ways and love for horses.

Morgan is a generally friendly person with an open and inquiring mind. He has traveled throughout the upper northern part of Mindosia and has discovered a way to travel off-world by means of a static portal that sits at the base of the double mountain range separating his people from the rest of the continent. Being a somewhat enterprising fellow he has kept this portal a secret for the moment, with plans to sellĀ  his knowledge of the portal to the leaders of his people at a future date. Meanwhile, his own personal explorations are first. He hopes to also sell what he learns on his travels and is keen to see as many other worlds as he can. He can often be seen jotting notes in a rather unique journal he bought on another world sometime ago. It never runs out of pages, yet keeps all of the information written within in place without requiring more parchment. Morgan finds it to be extremely handy.

Morgan is typical of most Berelathian humans in that he possesses no magical abilities and has a relatively short lifespan. Most likely he'll be lucky to see 75 winters.

Personal markings and piercings: None
General attire: Warm tunic and vest in neutral colors, trousers and heavy boots.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Dirk Benedict