Character Details - Ezra Kristis

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Name. Ezra Kristis
Race. Phayrun, an anthropromorphic race with large ears that stand off the top of the head.
Age. 25
Apparent age. 30
Height.</b> 6'2"
Build/weight.  Ezra has an hour glass shape, but is also muscular.  She weight 165 pounds, most of the weight from her muscles.  She looks weak, however.  Most cannot tell that she has the strength she is capable of.
Hair.  Ezra has long, thick red hair that comes to the middle of her back.  She normally keeps her hair in a high ponytail on top of her head.  In the light, her hair is very bright red.  In the dark, it almost looks crimson.
Eyes. Ezra's eyes are black, offsetting her light colour scheme.  They are narrowed most of the time, almost as if she is mad a lot of the time.
Complexion.  Ezra is a furry creature.  Her fur is white, but looks blue in some dark lighting.  Ezra's fur is soft, as she bathes as often as she can.
Identifying marks.  Ezra has a brand on her thigh of an hour glass.  On her back, normally hidden by clothing, are stubs, nothing more than remains of clipped wings.
Personal items usually carried.  Ezra carries an ornate sword with her at all times.  She has a jewel on her forehead.

Personality.  Ezra has a temper.  A very short one.  She does not enjoy violence, but is prone to it when angered.  She claims to be a pacifist, but knows that war is needed every now and again.  She is a relatively kind woman other than that.  Her life revolves around the fear of one day dying.  She will do anything to keep alive.  Her need for survival is stronger than her need for friends.  Because of this, there are very few people that she is close to.
Occupation.  Ezra is a mecenary.  Once she worked for the little known group Cadalung, now she works alone.
Skills and abilities.  Ezra is a berseker.  When angered enough, she will black out and kill things in a rage.
Weapons used.  Ezra is familiar with various weapons, but prefers the sword.  She can use a bow or throwing knives, but will always take her blade over any throwing weapon.

History.  Ezra comes from a royal family.  Her father is the king of a desert island, far from any other mainlands.  The island of Hhiran has a proud history of winged beings for their royality, of which Ezra once bared these wings.  When Ezra was fourteen, she decided to forsake her title as princess and ran away with one she thought loved her.  Once they got to the mainland, though, the loved one ran away, leaving Ezra lonely and far from home.  With her pride, she would not go home, back to her father, who would no doubt never let her live it down.  She clipped her wings, a long and painful task, and began a life anew on the mainland.  She was apprentice to a blacksmith for a while, the source of her precious sword.  She practiced every day with the sword, until she was an expert with it.  The leader of the mercenary group Cadalung, whose name was Catalus, found her practicing one day.  At the age of seventeen, she was invited to join the group.  She never got very far in the group, but did gain great skills.  It was here that she met her close friend, the one she would call brother, Opacar.  Ezra and Opacar were close to one another.  However, one day, Opacar was captured as an enemy of the state and was taken to a prison far off.  Ezra left Cadalung to find her brother.  She has explored the lands for three years, not knowing which prison they had taken her brother to.  She has explored every prison she has come across, but not once has seen her brother.  She still explores, in the hopes to find him.
Martial status.  Single
Children.  None
Blood or Soul Bonds.  Ezra is bonded to her brother Opacar, though they are not soul mates.

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