Character Details - Melian Alcarin

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Physical Description:
*Name: Melian Alcarin
Meaning of Name: Joyful Gift
*Race: S’Hean/Elen
*Age: 17 (as of The Awakening)
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 6’2 (adult height)
*Build/Weight: Lean Warriors Build
*Hair: Blonde
*Eyes: Egyptian-Blue
Complexion: Golden Tan
*Identifying Marks (if present):
D’Riel Insignia on left shoulderblade
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Curious and full of mischief, Melian has an easy-going sense of humour and an open nature.
*Skills and Abilities: D'Riel Conduit, Aethyr Mage, Elen Weaves, Can 'converse' with trees in the Elen fashion
*Weapons Used: Long Sword

Background Information:
*History: Son of An’Thaya and Adarin, twin to Elerina. Melian lived Aclarinque after his parents parrted ways, but came into his ‘D’Riel Conduit’ around the age of sixteen and moved to the Diirlathe to begin training.
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: D'Riel Web

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