Character Details - Norvo Snow

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Physical Description:


Norvo Snow


Norsar Centaur


Very Old


5 ft 8 in


Snowy white fur coat and hair


Ice Green


Snowy White


Used to wear no clothing, wears a shirt now that he has gotten heavier

Personal Items usually carried:


Personal Information:


Norvo is a nice old centaur. He can be pretty lazy, which pisses off his wife. He cares deeply for his family.

Skills and Abilities:

Norvo has a cystal ball but he is not very good at it. He is an excellent archer which is a skill he has passed down to his daughter, Norda, and trying to pass it down to his Krystjana.

Weapons Used:

Bow and Arrow

Background Information:


Norvo is very old. His first wife, Brynn, died. It took a long time for Norvo to get over this. He loved Brynn very much. His spirit heart still beats in the same rythm as Brynn's.

He was courted by Welarma, another centaur his same age. Norvo's son, Garrick, hated Welarma as did a lot of people. But Norvo was very lonely and eventually gave in to marrying Welarma. Garrick knew his father did not love Welarma truly and this cause a rift between them. Garrick hated Welarma so much that he left the Glacier Village for good when his father decided to marry her. To this day, Norvo regrets what happened between him and his son. Norvo wonders if he had just handfasted with Welarma instead of marrying her, maybe Garrick would still be with him.

Marital Status:

Widower of Brynn, Married to Welarma


Three; Two with Brynn: Garrick and Norda

One with Welarma: Krystjana


Bonded with Brynn and Welarma, his spirit heart beats in the same rhythm as these two women. Ever after Brynn's death, this is still true.

Characters that Norvo has met or knows:

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