Character Details - Marian Shelly

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Name: Marian Shelly

Codenames: M, 2A, Blue or Mr. Rice.

Race: Human

Age: 28

Build: She has a very curvy, strong and attractive body, it's just small.

Height: Around five feet, unless she wears heels.

Hair: Light brown streaked with blond

Eyes: Sapphire blue

Complexion: Fair


Personality: Marian seems as though she is a cool, sleek woman of steel, but on the inside she is a poor lonely girl with bottled up emotions. She never raises her voice, never smiles, never gets angry and certainly never laughs or cries. She can act though, and she can smile so convincingly that her eyes sparkle and it seems that they're smiling too. No one ever took the time to see what Marian's steel armor is hiding, and she learned to believe that no one will.

Occupation: IMO Agent, but if anyone asks, she's a secretary at a dog food company.

Skills and Abilities: Marian is a trained IMO Agent, which means that even without a weapon she can kill someone by touch. She can walk quieter than anyone, even while wearing very noisy shoes. She's fast and strong.


History: Not much is known about Marian or the strange organization that she belongs to. It stands for Intelligence Missions and Operations. Marian seems to deny she even has a past and claims that it is not relevant to her, but this is because Marian has a past that anyone would want to forget.

As a child, Marian suffered the abuse of her mother's boyfriends. Her mother seemed to have a knack for finding the sleaziest pedophile in town every time she wanted to date a guy. When she was ten, Marian was taken by the Salvarian social authorities to an orphanage and from there she went to several foster homes. As a child, Marian was considerably tall and highly developed. She was also very violent and emotionless, no foster parents managed to deal with her.

When she was eighteen, the IMO found her, claiming that they watched her all her life and she was perfect for them. Marian learned to control her violent temper in her training as an agent.

She doesn't have a past and no one will miss her, she's one of those forgotten people, a kind that lurks in shadows all her life.

She's an IMO Agent.


Not many facts are known about IMO, most of the things known about the organization are based on rumor alone.

  1. IMO is rumored to exist
  2. IMO stands for – Intelligence Missions and Operations
  3. IMO is rumored to be the largest intelligence organization in the multi-universe.
  4. It is not known which planet stands behind IMO
  5. It is rumored that IMO belongs to union of several planets.
  6. It is rumored that IMO agents are everywhere, may be anyone.
  7. IMO's goal seems to be to know everything everywhere.
  8. IMO is rumored to use inhumane methods to recruit sources and agents. Among these methods is psychological abuse.
  9. IMO agents are considered some of the most deadly creatures in the multi-universe. It is rumored that their training involves cold-blooded murder.
  10. It is rumored that IMO is just a rumor designed to scare people.


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