Character Details - Sebastian Heralding

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Name: Sebastian Heralding

Race: Human

Age: 41

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Build/Weight: A mixture of muscular and flexibility. His body is well taken care of and in very good shape for a man his age.

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: Blue

Complexion: Fair

Identifying Marks: Sebastian has been in various wars in his life and managed to get out of most of the unharmed. Nevertheless, he bears a long and thin scar on his stomach, marking the time he had nearly been killed. The scar starts around the navel area and goes across, running along the side of his body to the beginning of his leg. He has a small tattoo on the back of his neck of Quarises – the symbol of his brigade. The same tattoo can be found on all the lads that had finished officer school in year 3405 that belong to the Quarises brigade. Quarises is an eye with wings.

Clothing: Sebastian is most commonly found wearing his uniform. The Selvarian high ranking officers wear a black uniform. Sebastian has two metal golden stars on each shoulder, symbolizing that he ranks as lieutenant colonel. On his right-hand pocket he has six different pins marking each war he had participated in, a pin shaped as a horse, symbolizing his unit and a small gold-colored round pin with the letters ST engraved inside, marking his contribution to Selvaria's Special Technology.

The Salvarian uniform consists of black pants, held up by a grey belt and a black stiff-collared shirt tucked into the pants. Over the shirt comes a stiff black jacket that if one wears it, must be buttoned up by all its gold buttons but one that is buttoned only on the uniform of a dead soldier. The uniform comes with heavy black boots that reach up around three inches above the calf. The pants of the uniform must either be tucked into the boots or held up over the top of the boot by rubber-bands. The uniform consists also of a stiff black hat, similar to the hat of policemen that must be worn outside buildings at all times.

            Personal Items Usually Carried: Apart from the obvious wallet, lieutenant colonel badge and keys, Sebastian goes around with a simple golden band around his finger – his wedding ring.




            Personality: Sebastian gives the impression of a hard-headed, hard-working Salvarian lieutenant colonel. There is something about him that demands respect and makes young people nervous. A lot of people believe that he has no sense of humor. But this isn't true, he is closed up to the world, no one really knows who he is on the inside. He never gives anything of himself out, he never shows emotions. Inside is a hidden man that no one really knows, not even himself.

            Occupation: Lieutenant Colonel in the Salvarian army. Head of department 67 in the KODRI.

            Skills and Abilities: Sebastian has always been a skilled combat soldier, which is the reason he got so far. But he also has a genius for anything concerning metallurgy, which is why he became head of dep-67.

            Weapons Used: Like all Salvarian soldiers, Sebastian must carry with him an ZCS772. The weapon is small and light, it is no larger than a telephone. It has several modes such as: kill, stun or burn. Ever since Sebastian gave up on the combat life and went for a desk position in dep-67, he hasn't used it.



History: Sebastian did not come from the richest of families or the warmest of families. His parents had been very strict and religious, so when he joined the army it was out of some kind of rebellion, because his parents strongly disapproved of it. Ever since he was a child Sebastian had been a very talented and well-accomplished student, by the time he was eighteen and joined the army, he spoke fluently six different languages and could write, read and understand seven more.

The Salvarian army was not suited for smart kids like Sebastian and the first few months had been an ongoing nightmare. Sebastian was abused by his commanders and his fellow soldiers, but eventually he learned to fit in and became one the most credited soldiers of his draft.

Two years and two wars later, Sebastian's commander recommended him for officership. The problem was that in order to be a Salvarian officer, one had to have at least a first college degree, so at the age of 20 Sebastian was given leave for four years to study Physics engineering on the army's expense and right after that he went to officer school.

He moved in a remarkable rate up the ranks, always finding that the place he was stationed in was not to his liking and he wanted to go higher. Eventually he reached dep-67, hoping that after five years of doing that position; he'd have a jumping start to something even better.

Sebastian married Diana because his parents disapproved. He did not love Diana, but he was already 35, after dating countless women and already believed that not everyone found love. Diana was a very beautiful and comfortable woman, she didn't have high demands from things like love, but she was 33 and she felt that her chances for having children were dwindling.

After his marriage he didn't stop seeing other women and didn't really make an effort of hiding this from his wife, he was an unhappy man. This made him strict and merciless with his soldiers, he went by the rules, no matter what.

And then one day came a new soldier into dep-67 who changed everything for Sebastian. Sergeant Naomi Mintink, a young and beautiful twenty-six year old woman who had accomplished the highest grades in Machine Engineering in the past ten years. She was smart, fast and outwitted even Sebastian. At first he couldn't stand her, thinking that she came to dep-67 to make a fool of him, eventually it occurred to both of them that the mutual loathing they shared was something entirely different.

It took Sebastian a year in Naomi's company to realize that he loved her and another year before they did something about it. They kept it a secret, because it was unthought of, a mere sergeant with a lieutenant colonel.

And then everything went bad.

The Salvarian secret forces uncovered Naomi, claiming that she had sold information to one of Salvaria's most prestigious enemies – Akorta. Through the trial that was held it was discovered that Naomi was spying for Akorta and she was sentenced to death.

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2 children, Angelica (5), Eric (3)

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Pierce Bronsan