Character Details - Rashid ben Hassan

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Name: Rashid ben Hassan
Meaning: Rightly Guided
Race: Djinn
Occupation: Owner of the Phoenix, Teklan
Age: Ageless
Hair: Black, with a neatly trimmed beard and moustache
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Golden
Height: 6' 00", although, being a creature of smoke and flame, physical appearance can be altered to suit the individual, so this can vary.
Build: Muscular
Identifying Marks: Crimson phoenix rising out of crimson and gold flames on right shoulderblade.
Clothing: Favours ankle-length robes over loose pants.

Marital Status: Single, but courting Ithilcalien Karim.
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: The Djinn are the direct descendents of those fire elementals that originally occupied the planet, alongside their cousins of water, earth and air, when the world was new and freshly born of stardust and molten rock. As Elemmiire cooled, as oceans formed and atmosphere threw a protective blanket around the globe, the elementals took on more solid form to walk the lands and it was amongst such races as these that the djinn belonged. But the race never lost their kinship with fire, and it is a being of flame that is considered to be their 'true form' for all others can be altered to suit their purposes. Like all of his kin, Rashid can therefore wield the fire and smoke that is his ancestry. Magic of all kinds is his to command.

Weapons Used: Rashid is an Alirem, or Master, of a form of martial arts known as Marakhari. He can thus fight both bare-handed, as well as with a variety of weapons. He particularly favours a scimitar-style blade.

Other Information: Born in Alshazar as a member of the Yabrem, or Warrior, caste, Rashid was employed for many centuries by a member of the local nobility. When he left Alshazar, he set up the caravanserai known as the Phoenix in Teklan. Possessing a certain rakish charm, he is as much a favourite with the customers as are his dancing girls. To many though he is also something of an enigma and very little is known about him or his past.

Little Known Facts:
  • His soul, like that of most djinn is smoke-like in appearance. In colour it is the deep maroon and burnt orange of the desert sunset.

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