Character Details - Ocoee Noelle

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Physical Description:
*Name: Ocoee Noelle             
*Race: Human
*Age: 17
*Height: 4’ 11”
*Build/Weight:  Despite her tiny, frail like frame, Ocoee’s body is supple and well muscled.  Her small build deceives the enormity of strength, resolve and tolerance of pain held within.
*Hair: Long, black hair, pulled tightly back in a series of descending ties, creating a thick blue black whip cord down her back which brushes her ankles when she walks.
*Eyes:  Her eyes are piercing ebony, so dark the pupils are barely visible.  Her stare leaves all unsettled.
Complexion:  Due to constant study and the high cloistered walls of the Dagon Keep, Ocoee skin is clear and creamy, not a touch of sun to bronze her skin.  Amid all the dark clothing of the Keep’s Magi, she appears to glow ethereally
*Identifying Marks (if present):  The brandished mark of Dagon Keeps finest Magi emblazoned on her wrists.
Clothing:  Simple unadorned attire of the Dagon Keep Magi.  Long loose flowing robes of an upper Magi, but she reserves only the darkest of fabrics fitted for her, eluding the bright-adorned materials now allowed to one of her status.
Personal Items usually carried:  The Noelle family ring held on her left ring finger. 

Personal Information:
*Personality: Quiet and determined a dangerous mix.  Ocoee is also assertive, especially within the dynamics of her family, wielding a power and control over her three brothers.  Ocoee can become sweet and beguiling with them convincing them quite easily to her plan.  Within the Keep, Ocoee is feared and no one dares cross her path.  She is merciless and cruel, bent only on her objective and that is to gain rank and power quickly, devising ways to rid her of any annoyances in the way.
*Occupation:  Senior ranked Magi
*Skills and Abilities:  (specialty) Wields magic in the form of light and energy.
*Weapons Used:  Her hands and her mind, the most dangerous combination Dagon Keep has seen in centuries.

Background Information:
*History:  Ocoee is the third of four children, the only girl.  She is twinned to Ian Noelle.   The Noelle brood is live in society in which there is not much choice for your life.  Either you are capable of becoming a Magi, have the power to become a swift, a heightened warrior, or live in the drudgery of the in between.  Usually only one child shows the gift and many families, stop having children in order to not subject them to a cruel existence.   The Noelle’s surpass every past convention to become a family in which all the children hold power enough to become something.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: Blood bonds to her brother, especially toward Ian Noelle her twin. She has even found a way to swift bind the three to her, a feat unheard of, gaining loyalty unsurpassed from them and giving physical strength and gifts of power to each of them as the binds hold.

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