Character Details - Phyffe

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Physical Description

She stands about five feet high. Her body is lean and svelte.  She has pointed ears and a freckled nose.  Her green eyes are round and inquisitive.  They swim with tiny sparks of emerald.  Her black hair is short and unkempt; it is worn feathered back from her face in a windblown look.  Her cheeks are slightly rosy. 

She is wearing a red tunic, pale green leggings, some soft green woolen socks, a pair of archer gloves, and a sea-green sack embroidered with seashells and starfish.

She looks quite young.

Personal Information:

(Habits, Character, Occupation, Weapons, Abilities)

She smiles coyly and tells you that she's never had a job. Her gaze flickers casually over your belongings.  With a quick twist of her wrist, she presents five fabric butterflies.  She tosses them into the air, blushing at the occassional fumble. 

"I've been an entertainer ever since I can remember."  She says with a wink and a toothy smile.  The butterflies nearly miss her flailing hands.

"Weapons?"  She gasps.  "Heavens, no.  So violent."   Shaking her head, she tucks the butterflies into the sleeve of her shirt; a glint of steel is barely visible. 

She arches a narrow eyebrow in your direction.  "You aren't accusing me of anything, are you?" 

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