Character Details - Shirley Varied Offhand

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Name: Shirley Varied Offhand

Race: Human – Wisher

Age: ageless

Apparent Age: 23

Height: 5"4

Build: Flexible, athletic and attractive, a perfect dancer's body.

Hair: Long, Wavy and Chestnut

Eyes: Catlike, Slightly Slanted and Blue

Complexion: Usually milky white skin, though she has the ability to tan a gold-brown color if she stays in the sun.

Identifying Marks: A most embarrassing birthmark on the inside of her left thigh that, if looked at in the right way, bears a strong resemblance to a man's… …


Personality: She's smart and she wants everyone to believe she's smart. One of her biggest fears, in fact, is to have someone think she's stupid. She's outgoing and makes friends easily, while at the same time she doesn't speak about herself. She always strives for closure, preferring physical and sexual contact. She's not afraid of death. She's haunted by nightmares; she never wants to be alone, by herself.

Occupation: Pop singer.

Skills and Abilities: She has a voice that melted millions of hearts. A voice that took her farther away than she thought she could reach. She's a natural at dancing too, although she rarely dances anymore. Apart from that, she is skilled in Wishing, seeing it as an art and also as a need for survival.




Shirley's parents divorced when she was two years old. Her mother remarried four years later and the only father she knew was her stepfather. When she was seven, her half brother, Serik was born and that was the day she realized that in her father's eyes she came second to Serik.

She always had a beautiful voice, her mother always encouraged her to sing, always taught her how to open her voice. The Shirley Offhand craze started in World when she was sixteen. A record company took her as their home singer and made a trophy out of her. It helped that she was beautiful, and that already at the young age of sixteen she used her sexuality freely. After the first three years of her career though, she went down.

She was hospitalized and nearly killed by an overdose. The story came out like wildfire. During her career she had tried every single drug that existed. Her record company made her go into rehab. At the age of 20 she was released from rehab for the first time. She returned to her music immediately, her drug escapade making her even more popular in her comeback.

Two years later she was back in rehab.

It was harder to make a second comeback. She lost the taste to make music. It wasn't her music after all; it was music some idiot sod wrote for the record company. So she decided to get married with Elliot Nancy, the hottest boy in the music industry.

Their marriage didn't last for long.

The reason to this being that at the age of 23, Shirley Offhand killed herself on a stage before five thousand astonished faces.

Her suicide speech was remembered for ever, her songs became classics.

And death was nothing like she thought it would be.

Marital Status: Complicated.

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