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AmaraPhysical Description:


Real Name Unknown; Most refer to her as Amara


Human (Possibly Half-Elf)


30 (As of The Orb of Mysteries)


5 ft 7 in


122 lbs


Always changing; Usually dark black



Personal Information:


Confident and outgoing, but dangerous.



Skills and Abilities:

All kinds of magical abilities; high-level of strength and stamina; advanced fighting skills; great with weapons

Weapons Used:

Magic; Assorted Weapons, usually guns

Background Information:


The woman who would one day become known as Amara was born somewhere in Bellando City and abandoned. The baby was found my a homeless woman in the slums of the city. The homeless woman raised the baby as a daughter. Living on the streets, the young girl had to learn to defend herself. At the age of nine, her "mother" died from a drug overdose. This event caused the young girl to hate drugs altogether.

By the age of ten, the girl was the leader of a child gang. She became legendary for being the best fighter, able to beat up grown men by the time she was 13. At 16 years old, she was arrested for the robbery of a convenient store.

In prison, she shared a cell with Robert Bellamuse (A cousin of Marianna Bellamuse). Robert was in jail for being a member of the resistance against the elves. The young woman became good friends but unfortunately he was killed by another inmate.

After a year in prison, she was released and chose to travel to Robert's home town, Ethel City. She told his family of what happened to Robert. The Bellamuse family welcomed her with open arms and taught her in the ways of sorcery. They were shocked to find that she became so skilled; so fast.

One day, the father of Marianna Bellamuse, suggested to the woman that she may in fact be half-elven, because of her strength and stamina being more than a normal human. Insulted (partly because she suspected it may be true), Amara returned to Bellando City. There she regained control of her gang. She found the street life not as great as it used to be.

One day, she was offered money to kill a prominent Bellando City politicain. She took the job and killed the man. After that, she got many offers for different assassinations. She took the jobs, as long as she felt she was killing a "bad" person. The newspapers dubbed her Amara, which was the form the godess Arella supposedly took when one died. So essentially they were calling her the angel of death.

A warrant was put out for her arrest but she was skilled enough to always evade the police. With amazing fighting and sorcery skills, she was the best assassin in Negatia and still is.

Not long after an adventure in the Buccatabeppa Swamps (The events of Memories), Amara found herself chased by the Negatian Police. In a panic she portaled blindly and landed on the world of Whispin at the Silver Dryad. From there she portaled through the magical mirror and found herself in Sargasso. This is how she got involved in the events of The Orb of Mysteries.

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