Character Details - Keavaza Alastar Towel

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Name: Keavaza Alastar Towel

Pronunciation of Name: Key-Ave-Aza Tow-Elle

Apparent Age: 27

Race: Human – Wisher

Height: 6"2'

Build: Athletic

Hair: Dark, something between black and brown

Eyes: Blue-green

Complexion: Pale, cannot tan.

Home Planet: World

Personality: Keav has always been too idealistic for his own good. He seems to have a far too big heart and hones an emotional sensitivity that is rarely found in the male gender. Occasionally his gentle manner misleads people and causes them to think he is naïve. Nevertheless, Keav's ideals do not consist in anything involving his relationships with various members of the female gender, while he has never betrayed a woman, he was known to lose interest very quickly and move to the next woman the next day. His excuse for his behavior is "I thought she was the One, but she just isn't."

Occupation: Television reporter

Skills and Ability: He has a specialty with finding the truth yet for all his sincerity, he is a very skilled liar. Aside from that, he has an amazing ability at staying calm and keeping his head when under pressure. He usually is a good judge of character. His most outstanding ability and skill though is his deep, soothing voice. Some people need only hear his voice and they are calm.

Marital Status: Single, always searching for the so-called "One".


If anyone heard his life story, they would have agreed with him that he had very bad parents. He grew up in New Chestnut, Aurada and was victim to ignoring parents. When he was thirteen his parents, for reasons he could not understand, decided to make yet another child, and into the world came Chesta Bared Towel, whom they gave their limited attention to until the boy was four years old. Then the full care of Chesta was transferred into the hands of seventeen-year-old Keav.

In those days, Keav had started attending college, studying journalism. Between his studies and raising his brother, he had very little time to be angry with his parents.

Four years later, when Keav was freshly out of college and just reaching 21, his parents did the unforgivable thing – they left Aurada. They moved halfway across the world to Tatennia, enjoying their time on the quiet beaches of Fraz. They continued sending money, but when Keav asked if they intended to return they answered, no, they didn't enjoy living in Aurada.

Keav loved his brother dearly. Their relationship was unlike any other. They weren't quite brothers and weren't quite father and son, they were something powerfully different. He taught his younger brother to be a good person, to care about other people and to be politically aware. Keav always believed that if he was aware of the political situation in Aurada then he'd be able to influence it.

It was in those days that Keav started working in the national Auradan radio network "202". He was considered a brilliant young reporter and was voted that year as the best voice in the radio. When the Auradan television company discovered that he was not just any voice and certainly had a face for television, they offered him a minor job in Channel 1 – the worldwide news network.

Quickly after that, the minor job became a major job and only four years later he was Channel 1's top reporter and offered anchor position.

It all came to an end when Keav was murdered after delivering a story about the man that killed him.

And after he lived, his death began.

He knew instantly that he was dead, there was no mistaking it. The guy had made sure to kill Keav very slowly and painfully. He found himself in a forest and there he met Modelle, who told him that the same thing would happen to his brother if he didn't abide by her wishes.

Keav learned to be a Wisher on one leg while running like mad. Modelle made him convince a man from World named Serik Arman that his family's life was in danger and caused the poor man to run home where Keav was waiting for him and his family. The trick was to kill Serik and his family without any of them noticing the fact that they are dead.

Soon after, he discovered that Chesta had been murdered by no other than Havack Bagly, the man that murdered Keav and had managed to wriggle out of the police's grasp.

Without knowing where Chesta had gone, if he had become a Wisher or not and knowing that he had no chance in finding his brother just then, Keav focused himself on amending the wrongs he had done and getting revenge.

All this somehow involved finding the truth.



What is a Wisher?

A Wisher is what becomes of some human beings that lived on World after they died. Not all the humans that lived on World become Wishers when they die, only certain people who were destined to be Wishers from the day they were born. These people usually characterize in having a "strong spirit", though also this is not true in all cases. 

Wishers are, in fact, related to dijnn. They were formed out of the spirit element just as dijnn were formed out of the fire element.

The spirit element forms into individual Wishers by residing inside the body of a newborn baby and when the body dies, the spirit is released shaped as the body had left it.

What are a Wisher's abilities?

Some Wishers control strong magic the usage of which, due to the fact that their physical body had died, does not strain them. Though the problem of most Wishers is that they have no completely understood they're dead and even if they did understand, they find it hard to accept this fact. 

Lack of understanding and acceptance causes Wishers to be unaware of their abilities.

Their magic is quiet; it doesn't involve flashes or anything visible due to them being spirit, it usually seems as though they hadn't even altered reality, they just made visible of what was already there.

Can a Wisher die?

Wishers cannot die because they are already dead. Nevertheless, they can decide to go into an eternal sleep. Wishers who are unaware that they are, in fact, dead, can unwittingly go into Eternal Sleep when they find themselves in a situation which, were they alive, would kill them. 

Can Wishers grow old?

Most Wishers do not grow to look a different age from what they looked when they died. This is with exceptions the most common of them is children, who usually choose to continue aging until they reach the age in which they decide to stop.

 Wishers have full control over their bodies; they can change anything about their body. Most Wishers find this hard because it involves maintaining a different mental picture of oneself and the human mind finds it hard to grasp these concepts. Usually the changes are very mildly done.

 Can Wishers Breed?

Yes, they can breed with other Wishers and with people who aren't Wishers. The offspring of Wishers would not be Wishers themselves, they would be merely humans and might even grow old and die while their parents stay ageless. 

Do Wishers have any bodily needs?

Most Wishers have bodily needs because that's what they're used to from being human. If they don't use or think about a certain bodily need for too long, it degenerates, leaving them less and less human in the process. This also includes sexual intercourse.  

Wishers who forget their bodily needs are often very strong in Wishing as they become more spirit and forget they were human.

It is rumored, but not proven, that if a Wisher forgets its body completely, is dissolves and remain nothing more than random memories flying in the wind.

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