Character Details - Eos Alassë D'Riel

Written by GalainLast Edited : 26-Mar-2008 12:26:36 pm

Physical characteristics

Height: 5-9
Weight: 110 pounds
Hair: Red
Eyes: Emerald Green

Age: 17 at Scorched Earth

Marital status: Single

Markings: Amazon tattoo on her right bicep of dagger twined by three Bel'Mai flowers

Eos is a tall woman thanks to her first mother, Jaiden. She is a red-head, possessed of green eyes and is about 17 or 18. She has trained to become an Amazon in the tradition of An'Thaya, her second mother, although her Windling mother's nature often stirs her up.

Eos has a fiery temper, despises men, dislikes clothing and is determined to be as fine an Amazon as An'Thaya. She accepts her Windling heritage with relish and has found ways to use it that suit her Amazon tendencies.

Despite her dislike of clothing she does wear the standard garb of a Whispinite Amazon which includes black leather pants, a cut-off shirt, boots and a fitted breastplate. Her favorite weapons are daggers and a bow and arrow. She has been known to wield a fairly mean set of short swords.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Laura Prepon