Character Details - Olga von Barovov Arman

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-Full Name: Olga von Barovov Arman

-Eye Color: Hazel

-Hair Color: Brown  - dyed blonde

-Skin Color: very light brown

-Height: 5"10'
-Build: Slim and athletic
-Age: 37
-Marital Status: Widow
-Occupation: Plastic Artist

-Home planet: World



Olga loved art from the moment she could remember herself and already at a young age it was apparent to her that she could not do anything well that she didn't absolutely love, like her art.

While talent was not an issue in Olga's case, she quickly discovered that art was a business and as an artist she lacked the ability for business. She was always strong-willed and ambitious, but when it came to selling herself to other people she was a complete catastrophe. Her parents were very disappointed of her decision and it caused many unpleasant chasms in her otherwise strong relationship with them.

She worked two jobs to be able to pay the rent of living Batorin City – the only city that artists could actually make a living in – and at nighttime she would paint until she fell asleep with her paintbrush in her hand. She regularly skipped meals, using her money to buy the expensive art supplies instead. One time she nearly got one of her paintings into some gallery but it only resulted in her painting being stolen.

She discovered that art agents were not to be trusted, they coned her several times, and each time she tried them again, out of sheer desperation.

Everything changed for Olga when she met Serik. He wasn't exactly the handsome fairytale prince, he was skinny and nearly shorter than she was, but he was special and he had a smile that made her feel happy. He looked her in the eye and promised he'll help her – and he did.

Serik helped her discover that she could put herself out there. He let her know that he was behind her, as long as she did things herself. The affect was amazing, the world of art suddenly loved her and one day she realized that Serik did too.

Suddenly her parents were talking to her again, suddenly money was coming in and she quit doing anything else but painting, suddenly she was married, suddenly she had Gabrielle, suddenly, suddenly…


Suddenly everything changed - in a flash of one morning after it snowed. It's funny, how things we love are taken away from us before we can blink. Serik died so suddenly for no reason at all. His heart simply stopped, but there were no signs of heart failure. The doctors tried to explain to Olga and to thereselves that sometimes these things are just unexplainable, a completely healthy and young body just dies, for no reason at all.

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