Character Details - Olga von Barovov

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-Full Name: Olga von Barovov

-Eye Color: Hazel

-Hair Color: Brown  streaked with sun-bleached strands

-Skin Color: very light brown

-Height: 5"10'
-Build: Very femininely round with maybe a few extra kilos in the eyes of those who are looking for state of the art models, but nothing that doesn't bring out her impressive… …
-Age: 37
-Marital Status: Single
-Occupation: Priestess of Vow



Olga didn't know that it wasn't normal not to have parents until she learned that it wasn't normal for a woman to be a priestess of Vow. She grew up on an island called Vellenetta whose seven thousand citizens were the only worshipers of Vow and the only ones aware to its existence. None of Vow's worshippers knew quite what Vow was, they didn't know if he were a god or some kind of strange miraculous power, or a demon. They didn't know if Vow was evil or good, they didn't know why they called it Vow and even if it really existed.

They only knew that it chose its priests out of the ones it saw worthy, for reasons they never could understand, and those were given powers beyond anything that could be imagined. Vow's priests protected the island and the island's people worshipped Vow.

How they worshipped? No one was quite sure how Vow wanted to be worshipped; they just smiled at the priests, said 'thank you' and hoped that Vow would choose them next.

There was something even stranger about Vow. All of its priests, at one point or another, disappeared without trace.


When Olga tries to explain about her life and her relationship with the mysterious Vow, she starts to stutter incoherent sentences and never really gets to the end of the story. Vow leaves its priests in the dark, only tells them parts of the story. Olga, nearing forty, is to discover, over and over again, that she isn't who she thinks she is. If only she could find out where it all began.

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Lysette Anthony