Character Details - Serik Arman

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-Full Name: Serik Nevomir Baharav Gaysi Arman

-Commonly Used Nickname: Eki (Used only by family members and close friends, there is no reason in the world anyone but those people would know of this nickname)

-Eye Color: Dark brown

-Hair Color: Dark brown

-Skin Color: Usually a golden tan

-Height: 5"11'

-Build: Firm, skinny and flexible

-Age: 33

-Marital Status: Happily married

-Occupation: Art agent.


Serik lived in a world called World, and as far as he was concerned, there was no other world. He lived in a large city called Batorin and divided his time between raising his daughter Gabi, along with his wife Olga and buying and selling art. Ever since he remembered, he had a strong obsession for classical music, literature and modern art. After trying several occupations Serik decided that he could not live his life doing something that he didn't absolutely love.


His art selling career began when he met an artist whose talent struck him as a genius, Olga von Barovov. The young woman held an unbelievable talent for plastic art, but an unfortunate ignorance in business. Serik didn't know he could, but as things rolled on, he made her a star, the hottest artist in the country. Soon after their great success Serik decided to put an end to "strictly business" and marry Olga, who was certainly the woman of his dreams.


From that day on, he found those artists he called "Fallen stars" and helped them shine.


Back then, Serik was sure that his talent of finding artists that would seep their way into the heart of the world was entirely natural, a born-in talent he had that came to him through his love toward the subject. Later in life, when he was already quite comfortable being who he was, someone came to him and explained to Serik calmly that he was actually not who he believed he was.


The man was a stranger, yet somehow Serik knew his name was Keav and knew that everything he said was the truth. Keav told him that their world had a certain breed called "Wishers" who had the ability to make the thoughts in their head true. The ability was limited, for Wishing, as Keav called it, could only influence reality, and not alter it entirely.


The reason Keav had come searching for Serik was to warn him of Modelle, the Wisher gone bad that had an entire army of Wishers on her side. She bent other Wishers to her will by taking away something they loved, and thus making them do her deeds in order for whatever it is she took and hid to be unharmed and eventually returned.


No one was quite sure what Modelle wanted, it always seemed like everyone just got a piece of the puzzle. What they all understood was that she was deeply bothered and dangerous.


Keav advised Serik to take his family away from the World, to somewhere that Modelle could not find them. Perhaps it was luck, or some very good Wishing, but Serik managed to take away his family to a different world before he even knew how. Ironically enough, while trying to bring his wife and daughter to a safe haven, he somehow Wished them into a world that was blocked to him.


And trapped, he Wishes his way through different worlds, trying to find a way In.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Matthew Fox