Character Details - Eustace Niedermayer

Written by GalainCreated : 16-Oct-2006 2:19:46 pm
Last Edited : 16-Oct-2006 2:26:26 pm

Age: Well over 2,000 years old
Apparent age: 21
Height: 6', 1"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Build: Lean, but strong

Eustace was once a stable boy for a wealthy Berelathian noble on the continent of Mindosia. He was a faithful and hard worker although not altogether that bright. It was his poor luck to be the hand on duty when the lord's prize stallion fell sick and abruptly died. Eustace was punished with an immediate and brutal beheading -- somewhat unusual as that's not the normal mode of death for a peasant. He was executed on the spot by the enrage lord himself.

Perhaps fortunately, the death was so fast Eustace never quite realized he was dead and thus found himself fixed between life and eternity as a ghost. He is able to travel at will wherever he wishes -- and in the past traveled solely to find his head. He has been a subject of ridicule and pathos, but has recently found his head. His new trouble is that he's unable to keep it attached most of the time.

He is a developing character and I will shape him up as he is played out.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Currently a pumpkin drawn by myself.