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Physical Description:


Marianna Bellamuse




28 at time of death


5 ft 5 in


127 lbs





Personal Information:


Marianna is hardworking and passionate. She is also a natural born leader. She cares deeply for everyone around her and will fight for what she believes in.



Skills and Abilities:

All kinds of magical abilities; she is particularly talented at Remote Viewing.

Weapons Used:


Background Information:


Born to the particualarly magically inclined Bellamuse family of Ethel City, Marianna was destined to be a sorceress from birth. Her father was a member of many magical societies in Ethel City as well as being the desert city's mayor. Being from Ethel City, she has a love for Wantapa Desert and does not like colder areas.

In her teen years, Marianna became involved in the underground resistance movement against the elves, against the wishes of her father who knew the danger of being involved in such a group. On a mission she traveled to Z, which happened to be the then home of Glutrix Glue. While there, she had a brief love affair with Glutrix but due to her father's sudden illness, she had to return to Ethel City.

Marianna's father died when she was 23 and she spent the next 5 years of her life becoming deeper and deeper involved in the resistance movement. Using her remote viewing, she discovered that the Elves had found a hole in the magical barrier between Peace World and Negatia. The Elves discovered that she knew about it and they captured her. The Empress, Honoria, gave Marianna a lethal injection. Marianna, in her last moments alive, portaled to Buxon to warn Glutrix of the Elves' plan to go through the barrier and attack Peace World. She died in her old lovers' arms.

During the events of Memories her soul was put into the body of an alternate universe version of her and she now lives with the memories of both her life and the alternate Marianna's life.

Marital Status:




Blood or Soul Bonds:


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*Note: The real version and an alternate version of Marianna appear in "Memories". This alternate Marianna will also appear in Olnelan Sar'Da

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