Character Details - Quinn Kane

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 8-Oct-2006 6:10:53 pm
Last Edited : 20-Aug-2013 1:51:00 pm

Name: Quinn Kane ("Q" to his friends)

*Race: Sylvan (Looks human)

*Age: 2195

Apparent Age (if different): 25

*Height: 6’0”

*Build/Weight:  Muscular/215lbs

*Hair: His thick, straight, blonde hair is neck-length and is worn in an utilitarian, severe style that sticks out like spun straw from under his top hat.

*Eyes: Royal Neon Purple

Complexion: Fair

*Identifying Marks (if present): Arcane tattoo’s running up and down both arms, chest and back.

Clothing:  His wardrobe is simple, gray slacks with matching three button down coat and a green tweed shirt and vest, followed by knee high boots that is in dire need of repair.  He's aways seen wearing a top hat and a pair of wire rimmed glasses that changes color. 

Personal Items usually carried: A small leather purse, which holds an assortment of lead coins. Lead being the most rarest metal on Iggy 5. All other metals are used for paving roads, and repairing roofs and the like.  

Personal Information:

*Personality: Quirky, a bit eccentric

*Occupation:  Alchemist, Third Level

*Skills and Abilities: The art of Transmutation, the conversion of one object into another.

Background Information:

*History: A third level student from the fabled Squirrelrash University of Divination and Alchemy, Quinn has always been a bit eccentric, and being the first of his class to reach the highest level he decided to celebrate his forthcoming by visiting the nearest pub.

But an unsuspecting turn of events propelled him into other world far stranger than his own.

Now he’s nothing more then a Third Level Alchemist, searching for a way back home.  

*Marital Status: Single

*Children: None

*Bonds: None

*Weakness: Allergic to gold. Very deadly if held for a long period of time. Reaction to gold veries from a simple fever, to death. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Tom Petty