Character Details - Quielle Lavique

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Key Elle Lah Veek

Half-human - the other half is unknown
She is a ghost

Six feet tall, slim, muscular
When manifested (solid) she weighs 135 pounds
Hair is nearly waist length, straight, and red.
The left eye has a black patch over it. The other eye is grey.
There is a pale scar across the bridge of her nose.

She is unable to change her clothing:
Red velvet coat with gold trim and buttons that flares at the waist and drops to the knees. (Think movie pirate-style coat)
White silk blouse with lace at the cuffs and pearl buttons
Black trousers
Black boots that go up to the knee and that have a slight heel to them.
Coiled whip on her right hip

Unknown. She's at least over a century since she and Treegan have been traveling companions for that length of time.

She is able to toss plasmic energy or strike enemies with plasmic energy by weilding her whip.
She is able to possess the bodies of some animals and some humanoid beings. She cannot possess any being that is god-like or telepathic.
OOC Note: Quielle will not possess any character without prior permission
When she manifests, she can fight with her hands and feet. Her kick can be very deadly.
Any of this type of fighting causes her to lose energy and she will either fade or vanish in order to recuperate.

Habits & Quirks
She doesn't need to eat and will not pretend to eat or drink, except to be polite.
She doesn't sleep, but she will vanish in order to recuperate.
Travel is via the Spirit World. During such travel she protects Treegan by putting her in an inside pocket of her coat and manifesting.

Quielle knows that she is just a spirit and not dead. She is not certain, but believes that it is possible it was her father who separated her spirit from her body. She does not know why. She also cannot remember her life or where she comes from. She travels the multi-verse in order to find her body.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars: