Character Details - Treegan

Written by HarlequinCreated : 2-Oct-2006 4:40:36 am
Last Edited : 2-Oct-2006 5:00:44 am

Tree Sprite - specific tree family is Oak

Perfectly proportioned female 12 inches in height. Green hair, green lips, green fingernails and toenails, and green eyes.

Physical Build
Although she looks human, she is not at all human. She is a tree. She has the strength of an oak and when she kicks, she will leave some nasty bruises. She moves fast, climbs well (very monkey-like) and has sharp teeth. Her body heals rather quickly. Fire is her enemy.

500 years = to 18 human years.

Treegan's speech pattern can leave people to believe that she is either stupid or almost child-like in intelligence. She is highly intelligent, though.

A simple green dress woven from sturdy plant fibre. No shoes. Carries a bag of leather over her shoulder. It is enchanted.

Habits & Quirks
Treegan likes shiny things. It is not unusual for her to pull a handful of diamonds or other precious gems or silver or gold from her leather pouch to pay for food.

It is customary among her people to greet each other with bites and/or kicks. Treegan has yet to get it through her head that she can't greet most beings in this violent manner and it has caused problems for her in the past. She often explains the greeting with the phrase, "Is blessing!"

Uses the following people's images for their avatars: