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Siggie for Seth McDougal

Physical Description:

Seth McDougal

Race: Human appearance

Age: Looks to 35 but at least 2000 years old

Height: 6’2”

Build/Weight: 190 lbs – muscular build

Hair: long dark black - brown hair

Eyes: bluish green

Complexion: Tan

Clothing: Dressed always in black pants and shirt, though he carries a white ruffled shirt with him in his pack.  Wears the amulet of Merlin.

Personal Items usually carried: As mentioned he carries a pack with him unless he has a horse.  In the pack he carries his change of clothing, two journals, writing tools.  Several small packets containing items that he uses, or so he says, for healing purposes.  A bag of runes.

Personal Information: (Shields are always up.)

Personality:  Secretive,  loner, brooding.  But, on the other hand he will force himself to be out going and charming.

Occupation: None that he talks about

Skills and Abilities: Mage/Wizard one and the same. A mage who is a Summoner of Merlin. 
(Summon=To call together, to order a specific action, to call, to evoke)

He has the ability to see the spirits of those who have died but not crossed over to their god or gods of death or turmoil. Acts as a mediator between the dead and the living who needs to contact a spirit that may or may not have crossed over with another. He will not force a spirit from its body or force one into another body. Will rescue a person in said state though. 

On Merlin Seth will send those souls to The Gatherer, who in turn makes the final decision of where that soul will reside.  Either with him or his twin sister, Mayhem.

Seth also has a photographic memory.

Weapons Used: proficient with a sword and powers which he has been forbidden to use (by Merlin)

Markings or jewelry:  A gold chain and amulet only worn by a select few. The chain is fragile looking, thin as a thread. On the chain is a tiny, but distinct shape of the moon in crescent form with a tiny star hanging from it.

Background Information:
History:  His first name is his real name, his last is one he has taken.  The real last name will come out and his writer gets to know him better.

Seth is not of noble birth. He was born into a family of mages…those born with the gifts that come in many forms. His family is now dead and Merlin rescued him. Willow is not aware of him, he is older then her by at least 500 years.

He is untrained in his gift…even though he was born with the ability he still needs to be trained in how to use his abilities.

He has learned to fight with a sword and is as good as any knight, maybe better.

Merlin has taught him the magicks, and somewhat in depth but certainly nothing that he has shared or taught or honed of Willow’s skills and abilities.  Merlin did give him one of the amulets, one of the four.  He is favored by Merlin for many reasons.

As a Summoner, Seth is not bound to just seeing the dead on Merlin, but is finding he can see them on the different worlds he visits, he just doesn’t have the same abilities necessarily with them and even if he did he knows he could cause harm if he interferes with the work of the Summoner (if any) on those worlds.

On Merlin he can only cross over those spirits willing to go. If they wish to stay for one reason or another he has to let them stay. He can call another spirit for one dead or for one who is still living. Usually for the purpose of one seeking forgiveness of information.

This gift is allowed by the gods and goddesses over Merlin to be used for good. Merlin was somewhat aware of that Seth has some abilities when he found Seth as a child when the child shared that he saw his parents standing over him. But Merlin didn’t delve in the training Seth needs to be a Summoner.

Merlin has given Seth lands and a place to rule and/or watch over.  But Seth is one who enjoys learning and seeking knowledge and he studied Black Magic.  Then he used it and Merlin banished him from his world.  In doing he wants Seth to see what magic can truly do to a Mage.  Merlin may have underestimated him and his judgment may have been clouded by his own fear…that black magic could corrupt Seth.  This is a real possibility.

(I can see him testing the waters and then backing off because he does recognize the dangers especially as he recognizes on his own what he is.)
He is not evil, nor is he good.  He would not conform to Merlin's teachings, nor would he bend to his will. 

Marital Status: Single

Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: None


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