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Name: Cerullia Tyme
Origin of Name: Given the name by her first lover, an artist from Earth.
Home Planet: Some 10 million (give or take an aeon) years in the past of Mars.
Home Planet Name: Her people called it "Bloodfire". This is a rough English translation.
Race: Humanoid - after spending most of her reluctant travel time on Earth, she has grudgingly accepted that many people call her a vampire. However, do NOT mistake her for the normal type of vampire. She's not a predator and does not kill for blood. Even if she must hunt to get the nutrients she needs from animals, she will not kill them. Cerullia takes blood from someone who is willing to be a vessel (generally an trusted friend, or lover).

Cerullia is NOT a traditional, undead type of vampire. If you call her a vampire, you will be corrected. Her need for blood is natural. Human blood has the necessary component that keeps her body functioning. Animal blood works in a pinch, but just as AB type blood is incompatible with an O type human, eventually the animal blood doesn't work. In her society the women took blood nourishment and energy from the men. Men were hunters and meat eaters. Women often took at least 3 men in marriage when they reached adulthood.

Three stages of blood depravation:

1. Dizziness and ocular migraine (red spots across the field of vision)
2. The Hunger - pain and strong desire to feed that radiates outward from the abdomen
3. Blood Coma or catatonic state - only human blood can bring her out of this state

Normal lifespan: 150 years, however due to two clashes with time her lifespan has been considerably expanded, though she doesn't know how much.

Due to a tragic time travel experiment conducted by the scientists of her home world, the planet and all life was decimated. Cerullia, by a kind of cruel twist of fate, was caught in a time spatial bubble and not only was tossed forward in time by several million years, but she was deposited on Earth in San Francisco, California.

Cerullia only had time to meet a gifted artist when she was once again caught in the throes of Time when travelers from the future came to assasinate the President of the United States. Cerullia suddenly found herself "unstuck" not just in time, but space as well. As a consequence, it's become very difficult to truly settle down as she's often ripped from one life and thrown into another.

Appearance: 5.5 feet tall. Black hair that is usually loose, or loosely braided. Eyes are purple and skin is a warm tone.

Clothing: She tries to blend in with local fashion. Usually prefers soft trousers, or skirt, with a loose blouse so she can move comfortably. She carries two daggers in a low slung belt around her hips.

Fighting Skills: Her daggers or hand-to-hand combat. She's about fives times as strong as a normal human when fighting. She'll also bite with her razor sharp canines, but only if her opponent is humanoid. Her metabolism heals very quickly from most wounds and illnesses.

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