Character Details - Storme

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Name: Storme
         **Only name she will answer to**


Age: 24

Height: 5' 7"

Build/Weight: Muscular but slender

Hair: red

Eyes: Green

Complexion: Fair

Identifying Marks (if present): Tattoo of a redhead fairy on her left shoulderblade, Green crosshairs with orange flames on the inside of her wrist with FoP in black lettering.

Clothing:  Depends on her mood and the occasion

Personal Items usually carried:  Cell Phone, Four-leaf clover necklace

Personality: Very laid back, relaxed, but driven when it comes to her goals.

Occupation: Former wrestler and model, now CEO and chief designer of Vixen designs, Owner of Flames.

Abilities/Skills: 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido (A martial arts style that uses the attackers strength against them.  For more reference, see

Weapons Used:  Custom Luger pistol

History:  Storme grew up in Ireland, but left home at the age of 16 to pursue her career as an international runway model.  She shied away from the spotlight to learn the design end of the fashion industry.  An avid martial artist, she was a brown belt in Hapkido when she started wrestling professionally. 

When she left the wrestling field, she was at the top of her career, having earned numerous women's titles.  She left to focus on her clothing line, Vixen, and her chain of upscale gentlemen's clubs, Flames.

There are only a handful of people Storme really trusts: Marley Bean and Starre are the two most likely to turn up.  Bean's been a friend since her wrestling days, and is her only link to her old wrestling crowd, the faction Freaks of Pain, also known as da crew.  Starre has been an employee for so long that Storme can't help but trust her, and the two have become the closest of friends.

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Jo Dee Messina
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