Character Details - Summerlin Alcarin Nightfall

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Summerlin is Galain's older sister and his elder by about 500 years. As they grow older the age difference becomes less important. She is in most ways his opposite, having been the "good child" for most of her life.

Basic characteristics:

Height: Six feet
Hair: Strawberry blonde and usually plaited into a long braid
Eyes: Sea-green
Physical age: 3,500-4,500 (depends and is subject to change)
Apparent age: 25-30

The one time she rebelled against her father's will was her marriage to Justavius Kajira. And unfortunately its end result was a quiet heartache that Summerlin keeps deeply buried. One day her husband simply disappeared. Her ring finger bears an Elen marking in silver that denotes a once-love who no longer exists.

Our Elen Mage is Gareth's successor in Alcarinque and thus is the Most High Elder. Summerlin is a full mage and quite capable of almost anything. Usually she will step back and let others overshadow her. She is possessed of a quiet humor and an even temperament and is steadfastly loyal.

Summerlin has been married once to the Tremere vampire named Justavius. She was also intimate with the then Prince of Corin, Y’roden D’Riel, and bore him four children. She is now married to Reece Nightfall. She and Reece have one daughter, Relin.

Summerlin favors breeches, tunic and boots when traveling. When home in her garden at the palace she will wear more traditional Elen clothing, which usually consists of gossamer nothings. Think long and flowing layers of transparent Elen silk. Nice stuff actually, being watercolor in nature and catching the sun's reflections rather nicely. When she travels she carries one weapon -- a stave or staff that is jointed so it can be folded down and strapped across her back. When she pulls it out to its full length the joints disappear. It is tipped with a point of Elen steel as Elen elves are sensitive to human metal. It's also a far superior metal and will never dull.

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