Character Details - Marley Bean

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Physical Description:

*Name: Marley Bean
Meaning of Name: Street name, the only one he responds to.
*Race: Human
Apparent Age (if different):
225lbs, mostly muscle, he's got the tone of a linebacker.

brown, always with a fresh fade, high and tight and lined up

emerald green, his best feature

caucasian but with a dark skin tone

*Identifying Marks (if present):
Tattoos:"marley" in tag letters down his left forearm
chinese letters down his right forearm
tribal sun on his outside left calf
memorial piece: Initals of his late friend on outside right calf

Urban Street style clothing, tshirt and jeans kinda guy, always with a fresh clean pair of shoes and fresh fitted plain hat on, hat is backwards and kicked to the right side.

Personal Items usually carried:his sunglasses, menthol cigarettes, lighter, his shiney silver watch*LH*, custom silver "tribal flame" ring on his right middle finger, SideKickIII, 

Personal Information:
Very chill, laid back. always with a smile and a positive vibe/energy about him.

Record Store owner, DJ

*Skills and Abilities:
He's a master on the turntables, and excellent business man.

*Weapons Used:
2 custom made chrome .45 calibur handguns, and his personal favorite S.W.A.T. issued AR-15 assualt rifle.

Background Information:
He's a city transplant from a hole in the wall town down south. Both parents still live there. He earned the reputation as the Party Guy for his ability to pull off the ultimate warehouse parties without getting busted. Everyone loves him cause he's down to earth and always makes others feel good when around him. Has big dreams of ruling the Underground scene.

*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds:None

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