Character Details - Bayushi, Karrigani

Written by KayoCreated : 13-Sep-2006 3:22:43 pm
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My name is Bayushi Karrigani

I am a samurai for the Scorpion Clan. I reside in th e Imperial City of Rokugan

Father of two children, widowed and two younger brothers and a sister

Job takes me on the road more than I care for, but service and the protection of the clan and the empire are of the upmost of importance.

My wife passed on a covert mission, the details of which have been denied to me. I mourn for her lost, but hold no anger nor contempt for the clan. Her lost aided the clan in some noble way. I will honor her lost in continuing my duties to the clan.

Servants of the clan aid in the care of my children; my son Mitsurugi is 7 and my daughter Ayame is 5.

My parents take my children in from time to time. They reside in the imperial city. They have retired to the status of educators

My brother and sister Dhaerao and Dhaedra the twins are 17
have completed ther basics.

My brother Adoni monitors the activities to one of our northern neighboring countries

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