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Race: Negatian Life Form
Age: 52

Born from the pool of life in Negatia when a man decided to throw his old carpet into the pool and see what happens. Tangu is a living carpet, he is able to see, feel, speak, and protect himself through the aura of energy that surrounds him. He is also able to change his color and pattern at will. He must be around light at all times because he consumes it for energy.

Interesting Tidbits and Facts:

  • He is illiterate, having never gotten a formal education.
  • What he does know about the world is from eavesdropping
  • Given the ability to portal magically after he saved a sorcerer from a terrible fall
  • Spent most of his life in Yoke City up until he gained the portaling ability; now travels the multiverse
  • At Celebrations, Tangu prefers to be colored all red

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