Character Details - Brandy

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Physical Description:
Name:  Brandy
Race: Fae
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Looks to be 25
Height: 5’2”
Build/Weight: 90 lbs
Hair:  Shades of light brown and gold
Eyes:  Green
Complexion: Soft pink skin
Identifying Marks:  None
Clothing: Either a white  or blue tunic, tied with a gold chain or fabric tie
Personal Items usually carried: Small knapsack.  Inside you will find an small icon, two small notebooks.  One contains pressed leaves and wildflowers from the place she grew up the other contains her drawings.  Her special pencils are also in this bag.

Personal Information:
Personality:  Quiet, yet she can be mischievous. 
Occupation:  None
Skills and Abilities: She is an artist, with training for the Forest Elves of Merlin
Weapons Used:  She has none, unless you consider her knife she uses to sharpens the ends of feathers for sketching or the pencils that she has just recently learned of.

Background Information:
History:  Found by the Forest Elves next to her dead parents, she was raised by a couple who were artists.  Her own talent is natural and she is gifted in that she can see what the owner of an item that she touches looks like. 

She does not know who here people are though she has heard of the Fae’s who lived on the Southern Continent.  She has now left the protection of her adopted family after falling in love with one of the young men of the group.  They were to be married but when they sought the King’s blessing he said no.  She was not of them and immediately arranged a marriage for the young man.

Heartbroken she turned to her adopted parents asking them what she should do.  They then told her how they had found her in the forest, next to her parents who were dead.  They had no wounds upon them, nor did they appear sick.  She had been about 2 summers at the time. In her father’s hand was a small icon which may lead her home.  They also provided information on how to find where they found her.

Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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