Character Details - Flake

Written by Drake SilverwingCreated : 3-Sep-2006 9:00:26 am
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Name: Flake [no last name ever given to her]

Height: About 10" tall, not counting when she folds up her wings.

Age: Two hundred years old

Identifying Marks/Tattoos: A mark in the shape of a blue snowflake can be seen between her eyes. Like a spiders web, it faded and then comes back, depending on how you look at her, or how she looks at you. It acts like a hologram of sorts.

Eyes: Ice blue, almost white.

Race: Snowflake Ice Dragon

Features: Flake has skin that is pure white, smooth and soft to the touch, much like touching cotton. Her wing span is well over 24" wide, her tail is longer than normal, and is spiked. She uses that tail to wrap round things so she won't fall. She has large ears that sticks out over her head, which is strange because most Dragons do not have ears like that. She will tell you thats she special, but will not go into great detail.

Personality: Easy to get along with, being playful at times, but thinks she knows everything, when she doesn't. Likes cats, teasing them with her tail. Always complaining about running arrands for Athena, but never lets her hear her comments. She simply loves children and listening to a good story.

Weapons: Magic that always goes astray, and her tail, that she can use as a whip.

She was found by Athena, while.....But that's a story and she's saving it for the Misty Rose. 

She is now the Head hostess and Mistress of the Misty Rose Inn that had been rebuilt on Merlin. Having to learn to take on a elven form to run the inn she has changed her appearence to fit in.

Elven Form:

Height: 4'11''

Weight: 98 pounds

Hair: Shoulder length white hair with streaks of blue

Skin: Honey buttered tan, after sunbathing for weeks to turn her pale white skin that color.

Description: She can be seen wearing a tight fitting, black V-neck blouse and a floor length white skirt that folded in the back, leaving the small of her back bare. She walksaround the inn in bare feet, finding boots or shoes uncomfortable to walk in or stand.

Her long white hair covers her larger than normal ears, but at times their tips stickout.


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