Character Details - Kallistrate

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Physical Description
Name: Kallistrate (pron: ka-LIS-tra-tay)
Nickname: Kalli
Meaning: Beautiful Army
Race: 1/2 Aerdonian Black Kin, 1/4 Aerdonian Silver Kin, 1/4 Eldredae
Age: 1500 + years old
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Onyx black scales with dark silver spikes
Eyes: Peridot Green ringed with Turquoise, when enRaged they glow so green that the turquoise seems to disappear
Length: Apprx. 30 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 45 ft wingspan

Half-Elven Appearance:
Hair: Black, Short
Eyes: Peridot Green ringed with Turquoise
Complexion: Porcelain
Height: 5' 7"
Build: Athletic
Identifying Marks: The trinity mark of the Orsha Une on her jugular
Clothing: Favours black garments appropriate to the season of the year or world of travel.

Personal Information
Personality: Kalli has learned the hard way how to keep secrets. With no family and no friends, she learned that the way to survive was to watch closely everything that was going on around her and to hold her tongue. These are lessons which have only been reinforced since she became an Orsha Une. She is enigmatic when anyone presses her for details about the Orsha Une, and the best answer anyone will ever get from her is the textbook description of what the Sisters in Blood actually are... mere bodyguards for the Vesai/vesai of the Black Throne.
Occupation: Orsha Une
Abilities: In addition to her natural ability to form blades and spikes from her own scale in two-legger form, Kalli is able to use fire as a breath weapon. She is also gifted by the goddess and god that sired the Black race with the Flame. This gift is cast from the hand. Because of her mother's Silver blood, she also possesses similar abilities with ice. Like all those with Eldredae ancestry, Kalli is capable of using the power of Aerdon's ley lines and has an innate ability to learn almost anything immediately, this includes languages, written or spoken. From her Eldredae blood she also possesses the ability to manipulate the Ay'thryn, the very soul of Aerdon, and draw on 'her' power. It is, however, rare for her to do this.
Weapons Used: Kalli carries whatever is appropriate for the moment, but traditionally the Orsha Une carry few, if any, obvious weapons at any given time. As an Orsha Une, she relies not on weapons in battle, but her own body and fighting skills.

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None
Brief History: Born of a single mating between one of the many Black Kin who are drafted into the service of the Imperium upon reaching the Millennia Mark (1000 years of age) and a half-Eldredae/half-Silver female born into slavery at the Keep, Kallistrate never knew her sire. Her mother, who since Araxmarr's accession had worked amongst the healers, died when she was little more than a child. Alone in the world, the girl ran wild amidst the labyrinth that is Blackthorn Keep, considered a 'mongrel' by many because of her mixed blood.

When she was still quite young, Kalli was 'recruited' into the Orsha Une, the other women 'adopting' the girl and taking her under their wing. She has risen through the ranks by virtue of her own abilities.

Other Information:

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