Character Details - Aurora Sloan

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Name: Aurora Djinn – Sloan
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5ft 4in
Hair: Chocolate, auburn highlights
Eyes: brown

Highly educated in the best universities of Virma Noore and A'Vehen, she is fascinated by the history of Alexia, and the two major races which rule.

Her own history is not without acclaim. She is the Great Granddaughter of Capt'n Quester Djinn, A Profiteer of infamous renown from Earth’s sister planet, Gamier.

 The youngest daughter of the wealthy, politically influential and ruthless Commodities Merchant, Sylvester Djinn, she defied convention, the blood of her Great Grandmother strong in her veins. A daughter disowned when on the day of her arranged wedding she absconded with the notorious Pirate, Captain Morgan Sloan.

“I will not be bought and sold like a commodity! My heart and body is mine alone to give, and I will never submit to the will of any man I do not choose for myself.”

About her neck she wears an antique gold locket, within are tiny portraits of Captain Quester and Sue Djinn. The resemblance to her Great Grandmother is remarkable.

Aurora has an inherent love of the sea, and her Great Grandfather’s temperament.
(Much to her father’s chagrin.)

When she fell in love with Morgan Sloan her father did all in his might to forbid contact with him, including arranging marriage to a close business associate and Seaman of some dubious reputation, Capt’n Jean Pierre LaCroix.

** I’d rather be taken by a Vampyre than grace Jean Pierre’s bedchamber. **

Aurora, after realizing his decision could not be swayed, played along, even to displaying enthusiasm over wedding preparations, all the while secretly arranging with Morgan to disappear.

Alexia is once again a thriving world of beauty and though peace is questionable in many lands
Aurora often stands on the quarterdeck of the Rouge Queen by her husband’s side, or governs over Providence Grace, the estate he built for her on the coastal plain just north of the Elda'Mar seaport of Sargasso.  A LADY of the highest order, most of the time, but one should not take her refined appearance as helplessness. The Lady learned to handle the cutlass and pistol from the best ... her Morgan.

Morgan has been at sea for half a cycle, having unknowingly left Aurora with child.

Estranged from her parents she had only her eldest sister, JoAnne to attend her when she gave birth to a son, naming him 'Ormond', for the mariner his father is. She now anxiously awaits her beloved’s return for there have been recent raids along the coast by ships bearing the purple flag of The Claw, and it is rumored that LaCroix himself has been seen within the city of Sargasso.

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