Character Details - Byron Sagan

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 10:19:49 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 9:52:16 pm

Name: Byron Sagan

Occupation: One time
 Playwright and Actor

Age: 2,377 appears 27

Height: 6’1 and slender

Hair; Ebony,
 usually worn shoulder length

Eyes: coal black


A moment of pleasure,
 an eternity of regret

I was but twenty years of age when I met the Lady Suzanne Knight. It was at the theatre where I was performing, she came back stage to graciously voice her pleasure at the evening’s performance. To say I fell in love with her that very moment would not be an exaggeration in the least. Her impromptu invitation to a late supper turned into a seven year association. The first few months I would fly to her side after the theatre closed, thinking nothing of her nocturnal hours. Her explanation of delicate skin was easily believed for she was as pale as porcelain. The more I was with her the more entranced I became until I realized I did not wish to live one moment without her as my bride. When she declined I was heartbroken; not understanding how she could not believe in the bond, yet the very next evening, while I plied my art, she had all my earthly goods moved into her chateau. It was during a moment of delirious passion that she nipped my neck. Momentarily shocked, I screamed, deflated and rolling from her; not in horror but feeling suddenly inadequate until she drew me back. I felt neither horror nor revulsion when she revealed herself to be  vampyre, strangely the fact only served to heighten the erotic pleasure I found in her arms, the danger and sweet temptation was a soul gripping aphrodisiac.

Over dinner exactly one week before my twenty-seventh birthday Suzanne finally consented to bring me into her world. You see, I was slowly going blind, no cure was to be had and she’d caught me holding a pistol to my head.
The next night I went out to celebrate what I thought of as good fortune, I chanced to come upon Rauldac and his circle of ‘friends’ on the town. By then I was well versed in who was who among the night wanders, and I need not tell you my surprise when the dark master invited me to his table.

I found Rauldac roguish, sinisterly handsome, chilling and extremely charismatic; I was flattered to have drawn the attention of the titular jugular-biting, undead patriarch of the Gangrels.

He tempted me with every sensory delight I could imagine, and packaged it in the most attractive manner … even unto introducing me to the decadence of wicked debauchery, the one path milady Suzanne did not walk.

Fool that I was, the fact he was infamous, evil personified did not deter my curiosity. He took me places milady would never enter, plied me with drink and women, sharing all the decadent delights the seedy side of Paris had to offer, and it wasn’t long before I realized … I’d been in Rauldac’s constant company for three months. This sobering realization that I’d betrayed my love had me deeply remorseful, prompting me to voice to Rauldac my need to return her.

 I never made it. That was well over two thousand years ago, I deserved what happened, and now, milady Suzanne is gone, Rauldac is gone, and the man who was to become Toreador despises this horde of despicable malcontents I am bound to.


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