Character Details - Gloraelin Alcarin

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Glory Alcarin
Basic Characteristics

Height: 6’ 3”
Hair: Golden blond
Eyes: Emerald green
640 (appears to be in his early 20s) will be updated
Distinguishing marks: A rose and dragon twined together over his heart, a symbol of his bond to Catherine (faded when Catherine died). An earring in his left ear consisting of a curious watery-looking stone. The D'Riel insignia is on his left shoulderblade.
Marital status: Widowed as of after The Odyssey - Voya'n'ge à Trois  at the Cagliostro

Glory’s full name is Gloraelin and means: Golden Lake Glorious. He is the twin to Culaelin Alcarin and they are the sons of Galain Alcarin and An'Thaya D'Riel Blackthorn.

His dragon self is a Gold and named Nairalirë – SunSong.

He is a work in progress though he has embarked on several quests and adventures and has been fortunate enough to have three women who loved him. Those were Taimië Silverleaf and Hyena Ibex – or is that Ibex Hyena, and Catherine Rain. He has a son by Ibex named Galen. Glory has devoted most of his time and energy to raising his son himself in many recent events.

Glory has a daughter together with Catherine named Rilya (now deceased), as well as twin sons named Nendil and Cuivienen. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Glory can no longer visit his sons on Garden World and must consider them as lost.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Mark Paul Gosselaar