Character Details - Aarien Alcarin

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Name: Aarien Delanna Riker Alcarin
Meaning of Name: Sun Maiden
Race: Human, Elen, and S'Hean
Age: 11 at Dark Weavings
Apparent Age (if different):
Height: 150cm - 4'11"
Build/Weight: Slim and fine-boned, tall for her weight. Normal build for an Elen, lighter than a S'Hean.
Hair: Reddish blonde
Eyes: blue
Complexion: Light tan

Aarien is a bright, happy, energetic child. From her infancy in Alcarinque, where she was the only child of her generation, she is slightly spoiled, an excess of attention and over-indulgence tempered by a natural generosity and concern for others.

As she gets older, she is becoming slightly more thoughtful, but she is still more inclined to be spontaneous than considered. She is intelligent and curious, and pretty much fearless, which can lead her to get into trouble even though she is never malicious. She's not devious, either, and when she tries to be at all tricksy, it shows in her face.

She is generous, loving, and kind, but often simply unaware of the needs of other people. This gentle self-centredness has insulated her somewhat from her father's grief and depression and given her the detachment necessary to be the light in his life.

Aarien loves animals, and physical activity: swimming, riding, climbing. Despite the fact that she's nearing puberty, she still likes to play 'imagination games' where she goes exploring and builds castles.

Family and History:
Aarien is the daughter of Ghetsum Riker and Galain Alcarin. She was conceived as a promise of faith between them, not long before Galain's marriage to An'Thaya ended. She is the only child Ghet bore Galain.

Until she was three, Aarien was raised by her parents in Alcarinque. Until the birth of Summerlin's daughter Relin, she was the only baby in the palace. She was spoiled and indulged by both her parents and her extended family.

Then her mother became ill, vanished for a while, and then divorced Galain. Aarien was left in Alcarinque with Galain, too young to understand what had happened or that her mother wasn't coming back. Being separated from her empathic mother and dealing with her father's depression were too much for her, and Aarien became difficult to deal with, demanding, and a fantasist.

From the time she was five, Aarien has spent her time divided between Alcarinque and her mother's new home in Windemiire. The adjustment was difficult to make, and it's been hard for her to adjust to living with a family of step-siblings.

Nonetheless, by her current age she has pretty much done it, and swapping between her two homes has given her adaptability and the ability to accommodate cultural and situational differences. She thinks of Y'Roden as a father and his children as brothers and sisters, though she is closest to B'Roden and Rhagi. As she grows older, her slender blonde Elen beauty makes her stand out more and more in Nenlante.

There are some factions in both Nenlante and Alcarinque who find Aarien's mixed blood unacceptable.

Blood or Soul Bonds:
Since the end of Dark Weavings, Aarien has a blood bond to Y'Roden, and therefore is strongly connected to the D'Riel web.

She has also been marked since before birth for Vesta. She has been released from service, but a trace of the connection will always remain.

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Denise Ramsay
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