Character Details - R'Edar Nardin

Written by Suzanne KnightCreated : 28-Aug-2006 10:15:35 pm
Last Edited : 3-Oct-2011 10:05:27 pm’Edar Nar’Din

High Elf from Leola

He stands six foot seven,

With golden blonde hair,

Piercing light blue eyes

And has entered his

third millennium of life.

Noble in his own right,
R'Edar is the youngest
son of the Queen's brother.

Personally he has no
taste for Wizardry, yet
he makes full use of the
natural magic afforded
all Elven when need be. High Elves are raised in the saddle and R’Edar was no exception. Horse, Gryphon or Dragon, his knack for bonding with and understanding his mount made them more often appear to move as one. R’Edar was an Ithilthuen (knight) of the highest order, a shining example of High Elf military excellence.

During his youth R’Edar took a liking to the Dragon Riders, spending much of his free time in their company, running errands and doing the work of a squire. Reaching maturity he was accepted for training. Conscientious, focusing his efforts he soon advanced through the ranks.
When his commander suggested he take over for the Arms Master, he readily accepted. The fact he is also ambidextrous enhances his skillful abilities with sword, staff and bow. He is considered among the elite by his peers, yet is of modest demeanor.

Perhaps it is due to a betrayed trust, lost mate, or perhaps to the total make-up of the Elf.
His stoic expression seldom knows a lighthearted smile.

Constant companion and Paladin of his cousin NyteStar, Lathan Nar’Din, they have explored other worlds, fought side by side and shared life in general, and when asked to accompany NyteStar on his Quest to Alexia R’Edar did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

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